Monday, January 31, 2011

gluten free girl,what I'm listening to and blog design!

 {yes I keep adding songs after I published it ;)}

wow, February 1st is tomorrow! Wasn't it just January 1st? well I really want to be in good health by birthday at the end of this month. the best gift I could receive would be my health. and I'm going to work hard to do that. I'm not making any promises but i will try. and I took the first step towards that today!

Today I officially became a gluten free girl :) and its feeling great!

(soon I'll be doing some blog posts about going gluten free, recipes etc.)

I haven't done a "What I'm Listening To" post in a long time! :/ my bad...anyway, here's whats rockin' my world ;)
(I'm not going to post the videos on here but I'll post the link to the video)

ok seriously I'll stop adding songs ;) 

love love love this song!! such a catchy song and its an awesome song to start your day off with! i am posting the video to this one because its soo good! please take a listen :D 

No Plan B by Manafest
I'm not a huge fan of Manafest and some of his songs are a bit too much but I like this one. it really applies to my life right now. I have changes I need to make and I'm not looking back :] 
music video here

Closer by Shawn McDonald
I've heard this song a lot on Air1 and its been stuck in my head for past few days. and its such a good song so I think I'm gonna buy it so it can be stuck in my head all the time ;) this is my prayer-
I just want to be closer to you

I just want to be closer, I am yours

You can have all of me
anything, everything

I just want to be closer
listen to it and see the lyrics here

Echo of Love by An Epic No Less
ok seriously. this is one beautiful song. this is what I want my life to be. an echo of love. Go here to watch the music video.
I hear an echo of love
We are the echo of love
I feel an echo of love
We are the echo of love
{verse 2}
You are the strength when we are weak
You are the breath inside of me
You are the love that pierces hearts
You are the light thats shown into our darkest parts

A powerful song right?!

This is the Stuff by Francesca Battistelli
a fun, catchy song and oh so true :)
listen and see the lyrics here

Outcast by Kerrie Roberts 
kinda reminds me of Jesus Freak by dcTalk. same idea, I don't care if people cast me out because I know who I am in Christ. Let no one stop you from loving Christ with all your heart and living for Him :) 
video with lyrics here

Ground Zero by Mr. Talkbox{aka Byron Chambers}

sadly there isn't video or anything for this song. so you can only listen to it by hearing it on the radio or buying it. its such a good song and I gave in and bought it ;) which is saying a lot because I don't spend itunes money on any 'ole song! ;)
Hope you check out those songs and enjoy them :)

Also, I'm working with Lulu from Polka Dot Blog Design on a new look for my blog! so be on the look out :)

Hope you are having a nice start to the week :)

with love,

and I'm proud to say that there a quite a few of you that are cheering for my Packs! thank you very much ;]


  1. all the music or artist i mentioned i love them all:)

  2. *cheers Samarah on* And hey, when is your birthday? I want to make sure I'm the first to wish you happy birthday.... (:

    I LOVE that song by catchy! I'm lookin' forward to your new design!!

    Your eagerly-waiting friend,

  3. Oh yeah! I'm gluten-free too!! =D Actually I was super soy-sensitive for a long time, not gluten-sensitive... but I do it anyways. ;) And I ADORE that song by Frannie!!!! :D

  4. Manafest rocks, for real! And, I absolutely love Francesca's music, especially that song! I cannot wait for her new album to come out.

    Good luck with getting your health where ya want it to be. I'm praying and routing for ya, chick. ♥


  5. OMGOSH! Thank you soooo much for all the blog loving... it really made my day brighter... :)

    And may I just say I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your bloggy blog and will be following!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    You are amazing, and I see a best blog- friendship bond coming on! :)

    God Bless Love,


  6. you got good taste Samarah! ;) hope you get your health back on track so you can be healthy for your b-day!
    <3 and miss you!

  7. I love that new Francesca!Her songs are so real life.Sierra


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