Saturday, February 25, 2012

some friday night love.

so i'm sitting here chatting with my 2 dearest friends, drinking tea, posting stuff on tumblr and listening to mat kearney on youtube. I did 30 mins of running/fast walking on the treadmill and then Bob Harper's hour of Yoga this evening and I feel really good! its amazing what a good workout will do :)

speaking of friends- i'm chatting with the one who is coming to visit me during spring break. we are talking about what we are going to do when she comes and all of our inside jokes. i really hate that some states have to be far away from others. *sigh*

and speaking of mat kearney. here's what i'm listening to. pure awesomeness.

love this one!!

my birthday is in a few days! on the 29th to be exact. and its a real birthday ;] I'm actually excited for it, i usually don't get too excited about it but this year i am. im looking forward to spending tomorrow evening with friends to celebrate :) (I'll post my little wish list later ;)

alright i'm outta here. its almost midnight and i need to go to sleep!

much love♥


  1. love sam♥ he's my favorite lotr character. and those songs are awesome!
    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  2. I didn't know our bdays were so close! Happy Birthdayy!!!

    1. me either! Happy Birthday to you! :)

  3. Love Mat Kearney ;) He's from PORTLAND!! AND I got to see him in concert...AND he jumped off the stage at the concert and was running through the crowd...gave me a hug...yeah... ;) Pretty legit. heehee

    Happy early birthday, honey!! Hope it's amazing!

    Many blessings!

    1. oh that's SWEET!! :)

      Thank you friend!

  4. Mat Kearney is so amazing, holy wow! I've always loved him, ever since the first time I heard "Trainwreck" when it first was played on the radio. :D Ooooh you're birthday is so close, how exciting. I hope it's totally amazing! <3 Haaa I just realized what you meant by "it's a real birthday", my brother's birthday is on the 29th as well and my mom was like "this year he actually gets a real birthday". The whole leap year thing is crazy and cool all at the same time to me! ;)

  5. it's been way too long since I commented on your blog, Samarah. I almost feel like we're becoming new friends all over again *chuckles*

    anyways....that sounds like a pretty good Friday night to me :) And yay for birthdays on your actual birth date! haha ;)

    love always and forever,

    1. I've missed you Lily! Yep, it was pretty good :)

      love ya♥


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