Monday, December 31, 2012

twenty twelve to twenty thirteen

ahh 2012. what a year. this isn't going to be super eloquent or poetic but i want to summarize it for journaling and future reasons.

2012 was made up of: laughter, new friends, spending 2 weeks in the summer with 3 of my very very best friends(it was beyond awesome.), my health both improving and getting worse, new doctors, more tears than i care to count, late nights, tons of love from my siblings, love, deep heart talks(mostly late night because that's when the best times are ;), coaching my 7 year old brother's soccer team with my mom(what an experience! it was so fun and i loved it), saw many movies in the theater with my dad and/or friends, lots of pain, learned to drive a ATV/ 4 wheeler, awesome times with friends, went through a super hard time when my mom hurt her back(wow, was that tough), felt amazingly supported by friends(aka the body of Christ) and the biggest thing; my eyes and heart were opened to just how mighty the Lord is. How much He loves. and how amazing His love is. I can't put it into words but this year was full of pain, heartache and struggle and in the midst I am comforted and speechless about my Jesus and His love. I'm so tiny compared to Him. So wrecked and a complete mess. HE is the beauty and life. His love covers my pain and heals my heart. The pain is even worth it because of Him and His love. I truly believe that all this heartache and trials are not for nothing. I don't know what the reasons are for it, why the way my life is the way it is but I do know He loves me and that counts for everything. 

I have terrible days and bits of sadness and I fit discouragement but I'm learning and ultimately I KNOW that God is in control and is above all. He is my hope.

also, we had to put our sweet girl, Bailey down the saturday before Christmas. She had been sick for a few weeks, had a heart murmur, arthritis and cancer. It was hard and I miss her like crazy but I love knowing she's not in anymore pain! Its a weight off my head and heart but my heart still misses her.

I pray for 2013: 

  • that my relationship with Jesus would grow stronger and that I would continue to be amazed by His love and greatness. 
  • that I would love my siblings more. sincerely, and intently.
  • that i would be the best friend I can be 
  • that i would not compare. i've been battling comparison for a few months and have been working on my heart. I am ME. and that's extraordinary. If I'm comparing myself to others negatively I'm no longer me, I'm a impersonation of that person and that's kinda like dissing Jesus ;) In other words, I'm working on loving myself. 
  • that i would remember, in the darkest times, that I am loved and supported so much.
2013 goals: 

  • spend more time with friends and make a point to talk to those, who don't live near me very often.
  • take more pictures. every minute is a memory :) 
  • read the Bible every day. I've never gone through with this goal but I really want to. Even though I don't want to some days, I NEED to. 
  • take a break from facebook, twitter and instagram for 2+ days 

Fun 2013 goals: 

  • Watch all 3 of the extended versions of The Lord of the Rings(not all at the same time) 
  • Have a Batman marathon 
  • Go visit my best friends who live 8 hours away(the ones i visited in the summer) 
  • get my drivers license 
  • Visit my dear friend Sky(this would be an amazing dream come true! hehe ;) 
  • Decorate my bedroom wall more, I have things to use and hang up but haven't gotten around to it! I want to make some sort of picture collage(DIY from Pinterest?) 
  • I'm going to redesign my blog! a fresh look for the new year. 
  • Blog more
I hope you all have had a beautiful year! If was tough, I'm right there with you, I pray that you've found the little blessings amidst it all. Here's to 2013! Whatever comes, God is our rock and anchor.

I leave 2012 and enter 2013 with this verse: I've memorized it and it means so much to me.

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. 
Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God 
will be with you wherever you go."
-Joshua 1:9

happy new year! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas tag!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all are enjoying lots of hot chocolate, present wrapping, candy canes and laughs&smiles with people you love. 

The lovely Vicki at Sunshine and Shadow tagged me with a Christmas tag! Here goes ;) 

What's your favorite Christmas song? 
hmm...there's so many! I LOVE LOVE Carol of the Bells. I listen to it over and over. 

Who sings it the best?
BarlowGirl and Trans Siberian Orchestra 

Do you change your favorite Christmas song every year?
Nope, I've loved Carol of the Bells forever haha ;) 

What Christmas song do you hear the most?
White Christmas or Its The Most Wonderful Time of the Year 

Does your family mostly agree on what Christmas music to listen to or are you constantly changing the song?
We pretty much agree ;) 

Who's your favorite Christmas movie side character?
that's too hard! Okay, I love Bernard in Santa Claus ;) 

Besides George and Mary Bailey who's your favorite character in It's a Wonderful Life?
 George's brother and the Bailey's cook 

Do you like Santa Claus in Miracle On 34th Street?
I've never seen it! :O 

Vera Ellen or Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas?
Haven't seen that either! 

Bing Crosby or Danny Kaye?
Don't know who Danny Kaye is but I like Bing Crosby's voice 

Besides "White Christmas" what is your favorite song from the movie?
Haven't seen it ;) 

What's your favorite (or one of your favorite) lines from a Christmas movie?
one of my favorite lines: 
Francisco! That's fun to say! Francisco... Frannncisco... Franciscooo... --Buddy the Elf 

Do you own a special ornament?
Yep...several actually :) 

Did you break any ornaments this year?

What's the oldest ornament on your tree and where did it come from?
My mom's ornaments from when she was little 

Do you like pretty trees or fun trees better?

Have you ever had a fake tree?
We've had a fake tree for the past few years because of allergies.

Green tree or a different color?
i like green but also the white ones. 

Who sweeps up the pine needles and waters the tree?
whoever wants to ;) 

Have you made any Christmas crafts this year?
no...I'm terrible at crafting

Does your family read a Christmas story every year?
My dad usually reads Jesus' birth on Christmas morning 

If so, which one?
The one in Luke I think
What do you do on Christmas Eve?
We usually watch The Nativity Story and put the presents under the tree 

How many Christmas's do you usually have?
like with extended family? 2 

Marshmallows or whipped cream in your hot chocolate?

Do you like the flavor cinnamon or peppermint better?
I like them both ;) 

Have you ever had a white Christmas?

Ice skating or driving around looking at Christmas lights?
Driving around looking at lights 

Do you like the blow up Christmas decorations people put in their yards?
no not really...takes the simplicity and beauty out of Christmas a bit. 

What is something you are going to do new this year to celebrate?
Well I won't be having the annual cinnamon rolls because of my allergies so I will be having oatmeal with brown sugar/cinnamon and baked apples :) 

Have you ever celebrated Hanukkah?
No, I would like to sometime though! 

How many people are you giving presents to this year?
Family and friends... can't count them! haha not that I have so many gifts but I just can't ;) 

What's your favorite kind of Christmas card to receive?

Do you eat breakfast first or open presents first?
Breakfast and then presents or breakfast during presents ;) 

Stockings first or last?

What present do you REALLY want this year?
I'm actually looking forward to giving my gifts this year more than focusing/asking for things but I do want some new sweats and a few movies..I'm easy to please ;) 

Do you like a star on the top of your tree or an angel?
We have a multicolored lighted star, and I like it!

Do you like the color red or green better?

Silver or gold?

One word to describe Christmas?

Thanks for tagging me Vicki, it was fun! I tag: anyone who reads this and wants to do it! if you do, leave me a comment letting me know you did and I'll check it out :) 

Merry Christmas beautifuls! 


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

my favorite time of the year.

The most wonderful time of the year, that's my favorite season. Christmas. I love the sights, sounds, decorations, music, drinks, foods, carefully wrapped packages, smiles, family, friends and cold weather. There's nothing like it. I'm thankful that even through my health issues(update coming in my next post), I'm still able to enjoy the season :)

we'e had lots of this-rain. and no.snow. unless you count the few flurries that came down and didn't stick yesterday

cinnamon chex while setting up the Christmas tree 

I'm a bit addicted to taking pictures of Christmas lights. Bokeh to be exact. I'll stand in front of our tree and take like 15 straight. 

I hope you all are having a great Christmas season and that your eyes are being opened daily by Christ's amazing love.

{there are definitely more posts coming, including a health update and award/tag!}


Friday, November 9, 2012

happy things.

i'm still feeling really bad but i'm trying to be positive so here are some things that are making me happy!

blue skies and sunshine

hot drink weather! Last night I made my brother hot chocolate and myself tea and we had to "tap mugs to Christmas" ;)

speaking of Christmas, 'A Very She and Him Christmas' album has been playing for the last week or so. i have no shame.

the fact that The Amazing Spiderman is out on dvd today. I'm getting it asap.

what is making you happy??

happy friday!



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