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[yes i know that photo above is huge. it was either large-- doesn't even hold a candle to the bold font Thor title or extra large-- where its very clear to see and represented Thor very well. i went the choice B]

so here's the little story behind why i went to see it-- So I hadn't gotten into any "superhero" movies until a few months ago. My friend Sarahlynn had watched it and she said it was really good and I had to see it. because if she likes it, I like it ;) Haha okay maybe not exactly like that ;) Anywho, I looked it up on PluggedIn online just for kicks and they also said it was worth seeing. I was talking to my mom about it and my dad overheard and said "really?! you'd like to see Thor? its a superhero movie" and I was like "yeah I would!" so he said "ok we'll go see it!". We don't go to see movies very often and when we do its a treat :) i was so excited because some of my friends on twitter/blogging had seen it and said "oh its sooo good!" and such. so my dad and i got some sweets and got cozy in our seats and sat back and watched Thor. and it was soooo good. the story was good. the plot was interesting and the action, exciting. funny. clean. all around awesome-ness.
you could say it was my first "superhero" movie and i liked it. and my dad was excited that i liked it :) and since then we have watched The Incredible Hulk, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. :)

and i might add, I got to watch it twice in theaters. oh yes. once with my dad and then again with my friend, her sister and mom. twice the fun.

back to Thor. like in my post on Tangled, I'm not going to go into the plot and storyline of it and I'm just going to do some pictures and my thoughts :)

the actors did a great job portraying the characters. really great job.

just to get this out of the way--the gate keeper. enough said. 

Jane--i loved her character. she is strong and determined. and her and Thor's relationship is awkward at first but downright sweet.

Darcy-- her character didn't have a very big role but the little comments and actions she did made the movie. so funny. if you've seen the movie you know what i mean ;) Like when she tased him?! hilarious.

[after the SHIELDS Agents have taken all her equipment]
Jane Foster: Years of research. Gone.
Darcy Lewis: They even took my iPod.
Erik Selvig: What about the backups?
Jane Foster: They took our backups. They took the backups of our backups. They were extremely thorough.
Darcy Lewis: Just downloaded like thirty songs onto there.
Jane Foster: Could you please, stop with your iPod!

Warriors of Asgard. Thor's friends.

the father was so like-able. a wise, noble king.

Loki-- the perfect evil guy for the movie. even though Thor pounded him. he was great, in a villain-y way of course. i thought his story of being one of the blue people{what are they called?} was really interesting and made his character intriguing. and the green color fits him.

last but definitely not least, Thor. love him as a super dude. he's huge. love his character. the whole hammer and thunder thing? awesome. yes he has his faults. he's hot headed and stubborn(kinda like me. haha ;) but he learns and it kinda comes in handy in the end. But one of my favorite things about him is that he is such a gentleman. so respectful. {I can't say that for many guys in movies these days which is sad}  and he's not too bad on the eyes{i stole this quote from Lauren. because she is awesome with words.}  just sayin'. ;)

Thor to Jane- "The answers you seek shall be yours, once I claim what is mine." 

viewing wise, the movie was directed wonderfully, the location, visuals, colors etc. are really great.

his armor? sah-weet.

for good measure: ;)

2 of my favorite scenes:

 when he's at the compound going after his hammer. goodness gracious.

I mean seriously, how sweet is this?! (this goes with the whole gentleman thing)

Thor to Jane- "I will return"

I love how the end wasn't perfect. the guy didn't get to be with his lady for forever and and ever and such. But it was satisfying. it was a perfect not no perfect ending.

this is a clean, epic, fun and all around good movie. go watch it. I think I'm going to have to buy it.

if you've seen it, what are you thoughts? :)

 p.s. if you have seen this movie check out Polka Dot's review on it here. it will make ya smile :)


  1. Never seen this, but looks interesting. Natalie Portman is such a beautiful actress. I always wished I looked like her=/ *sighs*

    Luv ya, Samarah!

  2. I haven't seen it yet either, but I really want to!!!!!
    Thor is quite handsome, I must say. :)

    love you always,

  3. i haven't seen this movie...i think i should better watch it soon. thanks for this post, now i have an idea about the movie.

    smile from Lhen. :)

  4. Haha, why thanks for quoting me!! I don't know that I've ever been quoted before...I feel so honored :') And I've really wanted to see this movie for a while now! I'm just gonna have to go rent it soon :) And he really isn't bad on the eyes...not at all :D
    ~Lauren :)

  5. I love that movie! It is so good. :)

  6. Hey!
    I'm following your blog now :)
    Thanks for your comment on my review of Thor... :) You did a good job on yours too!

    ~Miss Raquel


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