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may the odds be ever in your favor.

first off, The Hunger Games books and movie are not for everyone. its like everything else, some people like it, some poeple don't. if you don't like it please don't go around bashing it(ie leaving a negative comment on here, if you wanna have a reasonable logical conversation thats fine, lets talk. but just don't say, "ugh i hate it. its so bad, i dont know how you sleep at night." because I will tell you, I don't sleep at night. but really, if you wanna be reasonable and nice and voice your dislike thats fine but just don't go around hatin'.) there are some things that you should voice your opinion/dislike about but THG is not one of them. Okay so you hate it, goodbye. 

Most of the people I met/talk to about THG and dont' have a desire/dislike for it, say "Its about kids killing other kids." OKAY. There's more to the story! My response is, "Its about a government/power controlling and ruling everyone else. and the rebellion that takes place to fight against it." and thats what it is.

I'm not one of those 'lover of the books from the start and had to wait 6 months for the last one' sadly, I wish I had discovered them sooner. I got interested in them when I kept seeing/hearing movie/book sauce about how good they were and how excited fans were to see the movie etc etc. So I bought the 1st book and well... it was all downhill from their. I now own the trilogy because I knew I'd want to read them over and over again. The characters, plot, writing and the whole thing is so good. I wont' waste time and space explaining the plot because I'm sure you know what it is. and if you don't, you probably live under a rock. honestly and personally I think they are some of the best books I've ever read and possibly the best books of this generation. plus they have some really really amazing quotes.

Team Peeta or Team Gale? I'm Team Haymitch. There are no teams, there's not competition between Gale and Peeta. They were 2 different things for Katniss.

Okay so I'm gonna mix my thoughts on the book and thoughts on the movie. :)

We like characters in books and movies that we can relate too and I think everyone can relate to Katniss.  A strong fighter who loves and protects her family and friends. Jennifer Lawerence did excellence portraying her, perfectly excellence.

Peeta Mellark. He's my favorite (but he's a main character so he really is beyond my "favorites". I'll list my favorite characters and so just remember Peeta is my top top top fav.) probably one of my favorite book character ever. Suzanne Collins did an amazing job creating and developing him. Peeta has qualities that we should all strive to have.

movie wise...
 I THINK THEY DID BEYOND PERFECT WITH CASTING HIM. JOSH HUTCHERSON IS PEETA. *sigh* that felt good. seriously, they hit the nail on the head, really with all the actors. and lets be real, how can you not love Josh? I mean really?

Gale Hawthorne.

I am not a Gale hater people. I love him. He is fiery, a good friend and also like a fighter like Katniss.

They did perfect casting with Gale too! and again, how can you not love him? besides the fact that he is going to marry Miley Cyrus. 

I think they did pretty poorly with Prim and her mother. they are not all whiny and wimpy in the book. At many times they are Katniss' rock(in the books) and I love that.

Haymitch. he' so great. He's a character with hidden griefs and sorrows and he tries to drown them in drinking but there's some sort of redemption when he meets Katniss and Peeta, I think.

 he was portrayed awesomely by Woody Harrelson. He wasn't as drunk as he was in the movie but that was fine, if he had been I think it would of been a bit annoying. He also gave comic relief which I loved.

Cinna. He's my favorite. he's just awesomesauce. I love him because he is set apart from the rest of the Capitol, I think he was waiting for someone like a tribute to come along and who had a a streak of rebellion to help reveal/unmask his inner rebellion, slowly.

He was my favorite in the movie. I was so impressed with the acting and portrayal. and his chemistry with Jennifer/Katniss was fabulous.

The chariot/entrance/fire outfits were one of my favorite parts of the book. The way it was described you could picture it in your head and it was pretty sweet.

Now, in the movie honestly I was a little disappointed with it but it is what it is.

Effie. I feel a bit of sympathy for her, yes I know she sets up kids to go kill each other and 'play the game' but that's all she's ever known.

She was portrayed excellently in the movie. just like I pictured her.

President Snow. dont' like him. who does? haha

I really like the actor that played him and he did a great job doing Snow's personality and hatred or whatever you wanna call it.

 I loved the arena scenes! in both books and movies.

the Scenery was fantastic, its basically what I imagined in my head.
I really didn't have an image of the Capitol in my mind and so "the movie people" did really well with it and the Capitol people! Gosh they looked like exotic animals.

ah the cave scenes. one of my most favorite parts of the whole series. lets be honest, I melted during them and had to close the book because I couldn't stand it. and then i read twice over. yeeahhh. they are pretty important in Peeta and Katniss's relationship.

They did it pretty decent in the movie, it could of been better but I could watch a whole movie of cave scenes(source: busybeelauren.com) ;) I'm takin' like it is. plus, the looks between the 2 of them were pretty fangirl heart melting and you can't feel that from a book ;)

some things I liked in the books and I did want put in the movie but now that i think about it, its better that they aren't: 

Where Katniss got the MockingJay pin from. From Madge. but that would of been too much for the movie and just another person to have to go into detail about.
The Stylists-- love them in the books but again, it would of been too much for the movie.
The MockingJay call

I really enjoyed the score. the music in a movie is really important to me.

overall, the books are still the best. the movie compared to them is 'good.' and just in movie terms, its awesome. 

I've preordered my copy of The Hunger Games dvd? REAL.
I'm obsessed about THG? NOT REAL. okay I'm lying. real.
my friend and I made shirts to wear to the theater and considered doing a Katniss braid? REAL.
I'm becoming obsessed all over again with THG just by writing this post? REAL.

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  1. The same thing happened to me.... watching the movie was practically watching what I had imagined in my mind when reading the books. Lovely post! =) Can't wait until the next one comes out!;)


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