Friday, June 15, 2012

{its the little things}

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Hello Hue Little Things

The past few weeks have been really long and a bit hard for me personally and this week, I was kinda at the end of my rope. I was reminded to focus on the little things. the little blessings that get me through each day and turn out to be some of the best things ever and make life worth it.

--facetiming my dear friend who lives 8 hours away and talking for hours about anything and everything and laughing TONS. 

--learning that Christian Bale(aka Batman) is Welsh and therefore has a legit accent.

--getting the very last Dove dark chocolate bar on the shelf at Walmart.

--finding this book for $1 at our homeschool group book sale last night. i've already started reading it and its really good so far.

--fangirling lots on monday night with 3 good friends. we watched Spiderman 1&2 and Love's Enduring Promise. yah, I fancy James Franco's and Willie's faces. just keepin' real.

--talking to this girl, who is such an encouragement and bright spot in my day.

--rediscovering MacGyver. he never goes out of style. for realz.

--baby snuggles

what little things have blessed you this week?


  1. loved this samarah ♥ baby snuggles are the best!

  2. Oh my gosh! Are we sisters separated at birth?? MacGuyver? YES. The Hobbit? YES. Christian Bale? 1000 YESES! The cheese that is Love's Enduring Promise? (and that whole series) YES YES YES. ps I hope that Hobbit book has a kindle download.

    1. that's awesome! haha! you have good taste, very good taste ;)

  3. This was fantastic! I loved it all, especially the baby soft and squishy. :D Ah!!!!

  4. we got MacGuyver from the library a while back and it was sooo bad! i don't remember it being like that.

    1. There are definitely episodes that aren't as good as others but overall its an awesome show if you like the action/adventure/sometimes cheesy kind of old(er) shows. I'd try watching it again.

  5. I *TOTALLY* hear you. Life's been pretty crappy for me lately, but being able to find joy in the little things encourages me and lets me know I am on the path to healing. *LOVE* the Hobbit find! That rocks. I have that, except for Narnia. I'll need to look for the Hobbit one. My son and I have been Netflixing MacGyver and the A-Team lately. It's been really fun introducing him to the shows I loved when I was a kid and seeing how much he is enjoying them 30 (!) years later.


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