Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I won another giveaway! and a free album you do not want to miss! (edited)

 I won yet another giveaway! I've won 3 giveaways in the past few weeks. It must be because of my birthday or somebody really loves me ;)

The lovely Lucia (From Under My Little Umbrella) hosted a huge giveaway and I won this awesome tote bag from BuckToothBunny!

 it has the word love translated in all the languages. I love it! Sponsors from Etsy gave away lots of great prizes! Go to Lucia's blog to see if you've won!
Thank you so much Lucia for hosting the wonderful giveaway! :)

I spoke too soon because I just realized that not only do you get the title track, you get the whole album "We are the Echo of Love" from Noise Trade!!! all for free :) I'm so excited! :) so go here now and get! im already loving it ♥

well our power might go out because the weather is so nasty I better get going! ;]



  1. Such a cute bag!!!! And yes, they must know it's your birthday soon...and it's so cool that your birthday is on the 29th!!! That means I can wish you happy birthday TWICE: on the 28th AND March 1st!!!!! Teehee, what fun!


  2. That is an AWESOME bag!! =D Congrats! I know; I've won a lot of giveaways lately too. But I'm not complaining hehe ;)

  3. Hi Samarah, your blog has been listed on :)

  4. Hey, I just came across your blog by doing a bit of blog-surfing and I'm glad I did! I've added myself as your newest follower, and I hope you'll check out my Christian devotional site as well:

    Have a blessed day!

    In Christ,

  5. Hey Samarah -

    Eep! I love your blog title, header, and everything about it. I LOVE Narnia. :D Which brings me to my question, are you on NarniaWeb? It's one of my favorite Narnia forums - and if you haven't joined yet, I hope you do! The people are great there, not to mention it's Narnian! ;)

    Thanks for following me! I'll be following you, too. :)


  6. CUTE CUTE CUTE bag! I want one :D

  7. congrats!!! i saw that you won and i was going to email you but i totally forgot lol I really really love the first song on your playlist ((everybody)) i didn't know you liked it too...:D
    love.sarahlynn <3

  8. Lily- You are sweet! im spoiled to get wished happy birthday twice ;)

    May Amelia- thanks :) yep, I'm not complaining either ;)

    Kinsey- I love it too!! I can't wait to get it :]

    Bonnie- thank you so much! what a treat :)

    Dakota- Thank you for stopping by! :)

    Sky- thank you so much! I haven't joined NarniaWeb but I do visit the site. I'll check it out! thanks for following :)

    Samantha- isn't it?! surprisingly the bags aren't expensive at all, you could get yourself one ;]

    sarahlynn- yes, i love that song! I actually bought it from iTunes because I liked it so much ;)

    much love,


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