Saturday, January 29, 2011

something is going on right here in the USA and it breaks my heart....

Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery. When I first heard of it, I thought it only happened in other countries, Africa, Mexico, India etc. But its not. Its right here in the United States, the land of the"free". 100,000 to 300,000 people exploited in America every year. Its the fastest growing illegal trade. Its a horrid nightmare that is reality and life for the enslaved women and children. that's right-children. I have 2 younger siblings, 5 y.o. brother and 8 y.o. sister and my heart breaks just thinking about what precious little kids are forced to do. These people are crying out for help and we need to take a stand. We can help to stop it.
Did you know that we can use the Superbowl has a platform to increase awareness of trafficking and slavery and decrease the demand for it?? well neither did I until I watched this video by Natalie Grant and Tenth Avenue North. please take a few mins and watch it. it will open up your eyes and who knows, maybe God will use you to help stop it :) 

Untitled from Deena Graves on Vimeo.

Charity Anne at Footprints in the Sand is having a giveaway to raise awareness of this issue. To read more about how you can help go her blog post here

She is giving away The Freedom Cd featuring tobyMac, Natalie Grant, Sara Groves, Jon Foreman and more.The artists united for International Justice Mission.
Click here to enter!

Now if you feel like you can't actively do something right now,pray. pray for the captors, the enslaved people, and those who are working to rescue those people.

with love,


  1. That is so scary, Samarah! To think that in our country, the land of the free, children are being tortured. *shudders*

    I will definitely pray!! Thanks for alerting us to this issue.


  2. Awww what a good thing to stop. Sex slavery is terrible.

  3. Thank you so Much for posting!
    Prayer and spreading the word is really all we can do!
    Thank you for taking a stand!
    God Bless!

  4. Aw I know it is so, so sad!! :(


  5. Gosh this is terrible. How can our world be like this? Never get that. Very thoughtful of you to post this!


  6. Thanks for posting about this! People really need to know this is going on!

  7. Ah! Stupid google. It's not letting me follow you. Rightfully, I am your 90th follower...:p Whatever, I'l try to find another computer to follow it on.

    Thanks for following my blog by the way!

    God Bless,

  8. This breaks my heart times a million- I am so passionate about this... support you 100% I think you are my twin!


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