Saturday, January 22, 2011

Feelin' Good, YOU, football and songs that i love ♥

 to be honest, I started this post yesterday and wrote it and rewrote some things and couldn't put everything together. so i am finishing it today.

I started realizing a week or so ago that I need to be in the Word more. I've heard people, who are reading it or doing a devotional, that there is so much "meat" in it. God just woke me up and said "hey, you need to be reading my Words!" So I took a hint ;) I simply cannot live without Him. I need to fed spiritually more than just going to church once a week. i need it everyday. I felt lead to start reading Job. so I am :) I started yesterday and I'm reading a chapter a day. although I haven't done it today yet :/ I want to read the Bible for a purpose-to be captured and in awe of how great and awesome our God is and how I can love and serve Him more everyday. I'm going to use my blog as an accountability "tool". So feel free to ask me how its going ;) especially if I haven't talked about it for a while! ;)

Are any of you reading the Bible daily? or doing a devotional? I'd love to hear about it! 

I was stressed about starting school the past few weeks. *note* Because of my health, I wasn't able to do much school the past year. but I kept up with science and history because I had too. but for math,literature etc. I didn't do too good* But I want to feel good about school, get it done and feel good about it. One step in that direction was that I had to get all my school stuff (textbooks,notebooks,papers,folders etc.) organized. I did that on wed. and I felt energized and ready to face "the school zone" haha ;)  thursday I was actually able to do about half a days worth of school. I was so proud of myself! :D Its the first step on the long path but I know that I'm on the right road :) and God is leading me and by my side :)
To summarize the 2 paragraphs: I'm feeling better mentally,physically and spiritually :) Praise the LORD!

I want to thank all my readers and followers for reading my blog! You all are such a blessing to me! the sweet comments I get are so encouraging. I love that you find my ramblings and posts about life is interesting. that you  think my blog is lovely and fun. i am so blessed by God to have such wonderful readers! :) 

eeekk....I'm getting antsy for the Bears vs. Packers game tomorrow!! :))) Come on packs you can do this! ;)

Here are my 2 favorite songs right now :) 

I'm really loving this song but there isn't a video for it. but its called Ground Zero by Mr. Talkbox. its a very fun, catchy, weekend song! ;)  

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!



  1. hey! your doing great! i'm so glad that God is "hinting" you to do more with Him! It'll be nice to hear how your doing with that ;) i'm also glad you're feeling better! i'm just going to say i'm am soooo happy for you!!!
    right now i am reading the Bible, actually i'm working on reading the whole bible. i'm not making it so i can see how fast i can, i know that some people want to read it in one year and right now my brother is working on doing it in 90 days. but i feel like it need to take it slow and let it sink in, you know? So i'm reading 3 chapters in the old testament and 2 chapters in the new testament. I'm so glad that you have followers and "commenters" too! it truly is a blessing. YOU are a blessing!!!
    love you girl!
    sarahlynn *note* this is the longest comment i have EVER written!!!

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  3. I actually started reading my bible and devotional 'Pure by Rebecca St. James' this morning. It felt awesome to wake up pray read my devo and then my bible and then OF COURSE listen to a Brandon Heath song before starting my day. I've just felt happier today. Not to mention the Lord blessed me with some fabulous sunshine. Heck yah! =)

    Yep, this school year has been a sort of rough one on me. I have some catching up to do. I'm not too stressed about it thought because I am a grade ahead but still. But still; I have to get a load, I mean a load, done by April 1st. So yah. Gotta get that ball rolling tomorrow... and kick some major school butt! ;)

    Love that second song! ♥


  4. Hey dear friend! <3 I know what you mean :/ I really felt convicted about how much time I wasn't spending in the Word and although I need to do more, I've been setting out more time and have some really really awesome pray times before bed. It's been totally changing my life! Anyway - I started in 1 Corinthians and now I'm in 1 Timothy. That has been so so so encouraging to me.. but there's an idea :) Love you!! so much!

  5. Hey Samarah.

    I can relate to this post in so many ways than you'll ever know. I have physical "issues" that I deal with on a daily basis and it really has affected my schooling too, so I know what you mean. God is good though, and I'm glad to hear you're progressing!

    Job is a good book in the bible. I felt led at one point to read the full book but I got lazy with it. I'm gonna have to start back in it again...

    I wish there was a way we could talk more, but I don't like getting on the internet much these days. I feel like once I found your blog, I was weaning my way off the computer. The things you've spoken about, I can relate with. Since I don't really get on the computer much I figured I would take up writing letters... so if you're ever interested, I'd be happy to hear from you!

    take care,


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