Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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I have been so blessed by Jessica's (also known as Far From Perfect) blog. Her love for Christ is so beautiful and her honesty about faith,friends and life is refreshing. She inspires me to strive to draw closer to Christ and love others. Jessica is also going through some physical struggle and she has been such an encouragement to me. She wrote the words of my heart in a recent post of hers, God is good. Always. I needed those words. God has put her in my life, right now, for a special reason and I'm so grateful! thank you God for bringing Jessica into my life :) ♥♥

The Green Bay Packers are doing great! though, I must say I'm not a big fan about their colors but they are kinda growing on me ;)

It was so funny because on Sat. we didn't realize that their game was on sat. (which football is supposed to be on sundays!! duh?!) and we realized it was on and quickly flipped on the tv and right as we got on the game, they made a touchdown! so my dad said that they needed him, to get a touchdown. My dad is such a coach at heart so he is the coach that the teams don't know they have ;) All of our other teams have done, how do I put this, umm...badly!
*Minnesota Vikings*
*Cincinnati Bengals*
*New Orleans Saints*
they were doing well, but then they went coo coo or something ;)
*Baltimore Ravens*
although they did well, right up to the point when it really counted!
its so sad! oh well... there's hope for the Packers! :))

I was really disappointed with the movie Despicable Me.
The commercials I saw for it, were cute and funny but the movie wasn't what I hoped it would be. Ok, the girls were really cute but that's about all I liked about the whole movie.

There was some just stupid crude humor and to be honest the storyline is lame. If you like and enjoy the movie, I won't judge you! These are my thoughts and opinions :)

I will be writing some posts about gluten free eating; sharing recipes that I like, struggling with the temptation of those cookies or pop tarts(oh darn, I gave into that one. this pop tart is really good ;), how its helped my health and more! Are there any gluten free readers out there?! I'd love to get to know you! :)

last but not least..... I watched Night at the Museum for the first time on Saturday. and I loved it. It was really funny and for the most part, very clean!

Its really refreshing to watch a good movie with all the trashy movies being made nowadays! I heard that the 2nd one is good too. Have you seen it? What do you think of it??

I hope you are having a wonderful week, friends!

with love,


  1. i liked the movie despicable me...i thought it was pretty good...i really like night at the museum and i think i liked the second one...i don't remember lol glad u got some words of encouragement!
    love and miss you!

  2. I, too, have been soooo blessed by Jessica's blog!!!! I'm also glad God brought her {and you!} in to my life. (:

    Wow, I'm soooo surprised you didn't like Despicable Me!!! I actually really loved it....but hey, it's okay to have differences. :D

    Love you always,

  3. Oh that almost made me cry! Wow. It's all God! All Him! Love you so much dear friend. Thankful for you! Praising Jesus for your sweet heart. May your love for Him continue to grow and be unquenchable.

  4. Such a sweet bit you wrote on this Jessica lady. ♥ YES! NATM2 is awesooome! Love it. I love them both, actually! Haha! ;)


  5. I loove finding non-trashy movies! And I thought the Night at the Museum was cute!
    By the way, your playlist is wonderful! Love it! :D

    ~Lauren :)

  6. I actually liked most of "Despicable Me"... and both of the "Night at the Museum" movies are amazing. I actually like the second one best.

    As far as football goes... I am just horribly depressed because of all of MY teams are doing absolutely awful. :(

  7. I love both night at the Museums!

  8. Love the Ravens :) but I'm hoping the Steelers get into the Superbowl :)

    Aw, I'm sorry you didn't like Despicable Me, I love that movie ;) I actually watched it yesterday when I was sick.

    NATM 1&2 are great :) glad you like them :D

  9. Heya!
    Oh, I loved Despicable me! I wanna own it! It was so cute! And I think it was supposed to be kinda lame. :-P

    I loved both Night At The Museum movies! I love Jed! He's soooo funny!

    I'll be sure to check out Jessica's blog! Since my root canal on Monday I've been really tired and been just sitting around at the computer a lot. A good encouraging blog to read would be nice. :)

    Packers are my older brother's fave team, so we're rooting for them too!

    I hope all is well with you!

    God bless you!
    ~Katie K.

  10. Love Night at the Museum! Ben Stiller is so great as Larry. I haven't watched all of the second one {borrowed the movie from the library, it was sooo scratched up} but I liked what I saw. :)

  11. Hey now! I was going to thank you for following and for the comment but once I saw your blurb about the Packers... now I'm not so sure.... *wink* Just kidding of course. I'm a die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan, so I've been pretty depressed this season and now with Grandpa Favre retiring--well, it's almost too much to bear. *sigh* I'm just not sure I could bring myself to cheer for the Packers though. We'll see. Anyways, that was me rambling. =D Adorable blog!

  12. sarahlynn-you are funny :) love and miss you tons!

    Lily- yes, so thankful for her! yeah, I was also surprised that I didn't like Despicable me! ;) love ya girl!

    Jessica-you are so welcome! love you,sister in Christ :)

    Kinsey- I'm gonna have to get NAM 2 because a lot of people have said its good! ;)

    Lauren- I'm so glad you like my songs! I pray that they encourage and bless others as they do me :)

    Sierra-I'm excited to watch the 2nd one! :)

    Samantha-I'm glad you like Despicable Me :) Its just not my kind of movie ;)

    Katie- Hey!! we haven't talked in forever! Its good to hear from you :) I love Jed too! he was hilarious! yes go to her blog! Its wonderful! yipee, another girl cheering for the packers! ;)
    hope you are feeling better! :)

    Hope- I agree, Ben Stiller is great! oh I really don't like it when the dvd is scratched up! its such a hassle to get up off the couch and clean it! haha ;)

    May Amelia-Ok, so I was going to thank you for following and commenting but since you're not cheering for the Packers, I'm rethinking it. just kidding ;)haha! but I'm with ya on the Vikings, my family and I were so sad that they didn't make it :(
    thanks for the fun comment :)

    thanks for the sweet comments girls!
    you make my day :)

    with love,


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