Saturday, January 15, 2011

eeeek.... I WON 2 giveaways!!

ahh... I'm SO excited because I won 2 giveaways! This is my first time ever winning any giveaway! Oh I'm so excited! Let me show you what I won :D

I won Arianna's giveaway and I get a free blog design by Lulu! :) can't wait to talk with you Lulu, about the details :)

I'm so hyped about this...

I won a $10 gift card to a place of my choice and the book Start Here by Alex and Brett Harris courtesy of Jessica, Madison and Becky at iheart ministry!!

I'm really looking forward to reading the book and its winter so I will have plenty of time ;)

so how sweet are those prizes?! thank you so much girls! You've made this girl very happy :)

hope you all are having a nice weekend, I know I am ;)
with love,


  1. yay!! congrats! =D


  2. Wow, congratulations!
    I like your current blog design, but I can't wait to see the new one :)

  3. Yay! How fun! :) I think I am going to have Sarah help me with my own blog site! I love your music pics!

    Praying for you!
    Aunt Kristine

    P.S. Lots of hugs sent your way!

  4. Hey!! I'm so happy for you! can't wait to see what you pick out for your design!!!!

    love.sarahlynn :D <3

  5. Enjoy reading Start Here! It's a great book!

  6. Awesome! Start Here is one of my favorite books!

    I can't wait to start on your design. :) Awesome.

    ~Lulu Maggie~


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