Saturday, October 6, 2012


starting from the top left and going around clockwise. 
*I haven't worked out in a few weeks and wanted to start again but lacked motivation but when I(my mom) bought these 2 new workout tops at ON earlier today, I'm feeling inspired! Nothing like new clothes to kick yourself back into gear :) 

* a really encouraging sign above the scale at my friend's house. YOUR WEIGHT DOES NOT DEFINE YOU. 

* rewatching Downton Abbey. Sybil and Branson are just...yeah. 

* I love my momma <3 i="i" nbsp="nbsp">

* Love Light's 'Cactus in the Valley' lyrics 

* healthy breakfast start to the October month! 

* fall leaves 

* we had lots of rain last week and after a shower, I went out and took some pictures. 

* sunset 

* GF donut love 

* Go Packers! I havent' been able to watch any games but you can be sure I stay in the know ;) 

* fall colors 

Happy October y'all! Its hard to believe its October and officially fall. Oh fall, its my favorite season. Its just perfect. I'm especially loving it because we are having such a much more colorful and fallish-fall than last year where it just rained and the leaves were brown before they fell from the tree. The photo in the center of the collage is my absolute favorite instagram I've taken and I'm in love with it. I took it this morning when my family and I stopped at some beautiful trees to take pictures while out running errands.

Update on my momma: She is doing a lot better compared to when she first hurt herself, but still is sore and can't do much. She will have physical therapy for 4 weeks starting Monday.

Update on me: I have an appointment with a food allergy specialist on the 16th because this new doctor I went to last week said that there's not reason why I should have so many allergies/intolerances. now I'm having nutrition deficiency. She also said that I most likely have a germ/disease in my gut that needs to be healed. We are praying hard that this specialist has some answers and can help me feel better. In the mean time, I feel tired, more than sleep can cover and have a hard time dealing with all the emotions. but I'm so thankful for what i have and I'm reminded daily of how Christ loves me and he is so much stronger than life and its struggles. remember that always friends, don't stop fighting. You are loved by the most awesome God and its even okay to not be okay but never quit.

with that said here's some of my goals for this week and month:


-workout 3 times. Including running, yoga and try a new workout.
-respond to the personal emails that have been sitting in my inbox for *a while*
-eat the best I can.
-track food and exercises on Livestrong
-practice a good night time routine (see month goals)


-workout at least twice a week(hopefully with mom getting better I'll have more time for working out)
-try going to youth group (I've had trouble fitting in my youth group at church during the past year so I stopped going and starting serving in nursery and participated in a bible study. well this year, I've been in contact with my small group leaders and such and i feel like i should try it out.)
-be positive
-pray more
-practice a good night time routine: computer/iphone off around 8/9, tv show/reading till 10:30. then sleep.

what are your goals for this October? its never too late! :)

your friend, 


  1. Like I said before, I still LOVE that collage. It's gorgeous. :) ♥ Love the pictures, my friend.

    I especially liked what you said here: "remember that always friends, don't stop fighting. You are loved by the most awesome God and its even okay to not be okay but never quit." You are an inspiration and a blessing and I LOVE YOU LOTS.




    2. HAHA. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Thank you for your sweet words, you are the same to me! It feels like we've been friends forever even though we didn't know each other existed till a year or so ago ;)

      Y R U SO AWESOME?!


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