Wednesday, October 10, 2012

the real deal.

so i'm having a pretty rough night physically and i'm hanging out on my couch with my computer and somehow, I can't remember just how but I got to this video by ThePianoGuys:

and i'm like that's really awesome. i want more.

then I go to their youtube page and find this one:

and that's when I'm like WHOA. HOLD UP. THIS IS SOME OF THE MOST INCREDIBLE MUSIC I'VE EVER HEARD. I mean, the guy on the cello is pretty much boss.

and then I watch this:

one of my favorite songs right now. SO BEAUTIFUL. This is real music people, what they are making/remaking, forget Biebs and Taylor Swift, this is the real deal. you don't need words to tell a story or create a beautiful song.

well that's all I'll bombarde you with tonight, i'm off to buy some of their songs. please please go to their facebook or youtube and check their other songs out. ThePianoGuys are pretty cool.


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