Monday, June 25, 2012


those are some shots from my monday so far. its gorgeous out...the air is off and windows open! its so sunny and breezy :) We are leaving this weekend to spend a week visiting family about 10 and 8 hours away so I'm slowly getting this together and ready for that and checking things off my To Do list. packing my clothes stress me out, anyone else? I can pack food, electronics and everything else fine but i'm always rechecking and making sure I have enough clothes and if I have that one favorite tank or have enough socks ;)
and that soup... Cheese Potato Broccoli soup to be exact. yum yum YUM.

one of the things on my To Do list is to take my little sister to go see Brave tomorrow! I'm so excited! She's only been to the theaters once before and I know she will be thrilled when I tell her plus I'm looking forward to seeing the movie too ;)

what are you up to on this monday? 

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  1. have fun on your trip! packing clothes always stresses me out, too. (;


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