Saturday, June 23, 2012

this picture makes me smile. one of the little girls i watch. the adorableness doesn't stop.
that's been my saturday. then add my little brother falling outside off the tree house and having to go to the ER at 10 this morning. (he's okay but his face is swollen and bruised.) I have an awful awful awful sinus headache. there's so much pressure pushing on all sides and its overwhelming. My mom is currently at good ole' wally world getting some medicine for me that will hopefully help. I thought i'd write a blog post to help keep my mind off the pain.

--I saw Snow White and The Huntsman last sunday. it was pretty good. more thoughts on that later.

--while we are talking movies, my dad and i watched The Prestige the other night. whoa. SO GOOD. I loved it. I was kinda lost the first 45 mins but I caught on quickly. PLUS it had Christian Bale(Batman), Scarlett Johansson (The Black Widow), Hugh Jackman(Wolverine), Michael Caine(Alfred, Batman's butler) and Andy Serkis(Gollum in LoTR) so an awesome cast. I highly recommend it.

--remember when shared that i had lost a bunch of weight last summerish? welp, i've recently slacked on keeping it off and i've gained more than half of it back :/ yes, i'm a bit discouraged but I'm choosing to be motivated and not let it get to my head. i know i can get it back off and keep it off. it takes dedication and discipline. i've upped my workouts. for instance, last night I did an 1 hour of yoga and then ran a mile. i had to push myself so hard to run that mile straight, its been a while since i've ran but man, that felt SO good. I felt SO refreshed and energized and my headache was gone(or i didn't think about it)...for about 20 mins then I started feeling bad again. but it was worth it. and i think of how i felt with those pounds lost, that's motivating. I keep reminding myself that my weight does not define me. and it doesn't define YOU either. there are NO excuses when it comes to eating healthy and working out. absolutely none. i did that workout last night even though i had a terrible headache and had an extremely long day. make good choices everyday. you can do it!

--can this kitchen be mine? puhleeze.

i can't think of anything else to say. except I'm loving this set of gifs. don't know why.

i hope you are having a fabulous weekend <3

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  1. Hi Friend,

    The Prestige sounds interesting. I think i need to watch that too.

    and I hope you and your lil' brother is ok now. get well :)


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