Thursday, June 28, 2012

tumblr thursday vol. 18 + a conversation that happened last night during a particular movie trailer

conversation that occurred last night: 

*The Dark Knight Rises trailer comes on tv* 
Mom: *calls my name* 
Mom: can you go get your phone?
Me: hold...on....
*trailer ends* 
Me: *comes back to reality and runs to go get phone*

and they said "coming to theaters July 20th" and I said out loud, "WE KNOW I KNOW EVERYONE KNOWS" ;) I'm so excited for this movie you guys. The legend is coming to an end. and its going to be epic. I had seen the trailer a few nights ago and I was just like "oh my goshhh I cannot wait I cannot wait" 
so obviously, I'm SO SO excited for it ;) 

I hope you all are having a good week! I've been busy with babysitting, working out(I ran 2 miles on tuesday night! no excuses.) and getting ready for our trip. we are leaving at 5am on saturday morning :/ I'm going armed with music, books and movies and a pillow and blanket for sleep ;) (which i will hopefully be doing a lot of). 
well I'm off to do some more stuff on my 'to do' list ;) 

<3 Samarah 


  1. The coke picture… Too cute!

  2. Oh my goodness gracious! YES to the first picture. A million times YES. :D

    The Dark Knight Rises. o.o
    My dad's going to take me and my siblings to see I suppose now would be a good time to watch The Dark Knight? ;)



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