Wednesday, May 16, 2012


{this post has been in my drafts for a looong time. i don't even know if it makes sense but i'm posting it.}

and I'll tell ya why. (I've been writing this for a while now and i'm sorry if its a little jumbled. I'm trying  not to edit it too much and just letting it be like it came out :)

Over the past few years I've developed such a love for mountains. really any kind. I love big green rolling hills also but I really love mountains. I live in a state that doesn't have any real mountains. Some areas having some hills but not enough to fill my love ;] We visited some friends in Virgina a while ago and they live in a beautiful huge house nestled in the the Blue Ridge mountains. I can't remember much because I was sick but I do remember walking outside and seeing the beautiful mountains. It was so peaceful and calm. I hope we get a chance to go there again, I would love to really soak them in and photograph the whole place.

back to the orginal question: Why do I love mountains so much? well here's my answers :)

They remind me of how great and mighty our God is. A refuge. such a strong tower. Constant. Always there. Such a part of my heart.

 There's something about the country and mountains that is so calming and peaceful to me. I'm not really a city girl, with all the hustle and bustle. I would be happy with some country side and my camera in my hand. When we go visit my mom's family in the country and amidst huge hills, I feel content. When I see pictures of mountains or see them in person, I seem to rediscover myself. When I feel really bad [physically or emotionally] I long to see the mountains and their beauty. My mom says I could be a hermit, honestly I could be. Don't get me wrong I LOVE the people in my life. love. But I do have my times where I love to be alone. I'm not afraid or weak or anything. I'm content being alone sometimes. Maybe that's why I love mountains so much. They are strong, beautiful and a reflection of God's power and majesty.

taken  just outside my Great Granparent's house :) LOVE this view. *sigh*

 they also say some sort of adventure or fun. :) I love nature period. And different countires and their landscapes. someday I would love to travel the world and explore. And photograph it. I dream of doing that.


  1. we should go trekking through the mountains together, sometime. here in AZ, we have tons of hiking trails. the view is always lovely.

  2. i love love love the mountains too. just want to share, last April was my first hike and for sure there's more to come, hehe. Mountains are so beautiful. i think you should go hiking too... And God's creation really shows how awesome and mighty He is. :)

  3. I've lived at the base of a mountain rage for the past ten years and the state I live in is covered in mountains. It really is a beautiful place to be (plus we get more snow :P). And I so agree...I can't see the beautiful mountains without thinking about the powerful God who created then.

  4. I'm with you! I love mountains too. :) I guess I just have to settle for our fields. When I need alone time... Time to think... Time to talk with God, I go wayy deep in the fields, or sometimes into the woods. When I come back- I'm happier and seem to bring back the calm happiness from the woods, until it goes away with time and I need to go back. Does that sound weird? lol Me too- I could never live in the city. I always say to Mom and Dad when they talk of moving "I will go into the field and pour concrete on my feet. I won't leave." ;) We should travel to Ireland sometime. :)


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