Wednesday, May 9, 2012


lets get real. and in this post I will use gifs to express some of my feelings.

confession: I watched the first 2 seasons Merlin within a week give or take a few days. and of course on the 3rd to last episode of season 2 our Netflix trial ended so now im having a mental breakdown hanging in suspense till we get to the library.

confession: these songs are on serious repeat. stronger, people help the people and i am second.

confession: im in a funk. im feeling pretty crummy physically and have been the past week and its getting to me.

confession: I totally smuggled water and pretzels into the movie theater even after the guy at the front said you couldn't take food/water in. the benefits of a good size purse people. {but it can't be too big because then they get suspicious.}

confession: I was telling my little brother to get down off my bed and I guess I had been "mocking" Batman a little too much lately because my "get down right now" came out in a very well done Batman voice.

confession: I downed a tub of Cherry Cordial frozen yogurt in a few days by myself. its THE BEST EVER.

confession: I've watched this interview at least 5 times. within the past 2-3 weeks. and I laugh so hard every time.

confession: squeezed my friends hand till it was numb during the first 20 mins of the Avengers. then i composed myself and was better.

confession: it bugs me when girls refer to guys as 'yummy'. they are not food. cherry cordial frozen yogurt is yummy and men are handsome.
okay? okay.

confession: every night i say, " im going to be in bed by 11-11:30 tonight." pshhh it does not happen.

I love confession posts, they are one of my favorite kind of blog posts. i love being real and up front.

do you have any confessions? serious or comical?


  1. every night, i say, "i'm going to bed by 11-11:30."

    oh, i am SO glad I'm not the only one! XD


    My confession? every night say, "i'm going to be in bed by 11-11:30 tonight." I do the SAME thing. I turn my Macbook on, and then it's a couple hours later by the time I'm in bed. I'm so undisciplined. :P


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