Thursday, May 17, 2012

tumblr thursday vol. 13

its getting almost impossible to do these tumblr thursdays and pick just a small amount of pots because THERE IS SO MUCH. you don't even know.

from the episode of Merlin titled "Gwaine" 

lurve this scene.

jennifer lawrence. 

who doesn't love a good looking fella in a uniform? 

yeah they are adorable. and I KNOW their baby girl is beyond beautiful. 

meet my new favorite 'Merlin' character

Aragorn being awesome Aragorn

go HERE if you want hourly daily doses of awesomeness.


  1. oh my goodness, what is #2, the GIF from?? he is VERY handsome♥

    1. That is Gwaine. He is from this fabulous show called Merlin. Gwaine is VERY VERY handsome and charming and funny. Within the first 30 seconds of his first appearance on the show, Samarah loved him.
      {Gwaine is also featured in #14}

    2. oh, and his smile is the best thing that has happened to tv shows. the end.


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