Wednesday, December 7, 2011

i think i've been living under a rock.

Michael Buble'. yes, I've heard this name in the past and for some reason thought he was "old school" or {whatever that means} or something and never looked into him. WELL. While on Pandora a week or so ago one of songs off his Christmas album played. and then it was over. I listened to another and another and another. i posted on twitter,
i just discovered Michael Bublé's Christmas album a few days ago on pandora. my word. his voice.!! i've been living under a rock. ;P

that's just it. his voice. is amazing. he can SING. like sing sing. and the music he puts to his voice. its different and unique. i love it. I'm still discovering his music but here are some of my current favorites.
If you haven't heard his Chritsmas album. YOU MUST. you will very much enjoy it.

 this one is the first Michael Buble' song I got :)

 and this one i just found--

now that is some good music.  and i'm glad i got out from under that rock ;)


  1. THANK JESUS you're moved out from under that rock cuz he's perfect and everyone should love him! ;D

  2. Haha! Michael Buble has been my favourite for my friend said, if dark sweet chocolate had a voice, it would sound just like Michael Buble. ;D


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