Wednesday, December 14, 2011

if you're having a week like mine...

 then i hope the little things at the end of this post will make you smile.

I hope you are having a much better week than I am. I've had a headache since last monday and this past monday is got worse. going to sleep with it and waking up with it worse. Yesterday was spent in bed with no school happening. yeah. I ran on the treadmill tonight hoping that it would help(I usually don't workout when i have a headache that i cant shake so i don't wear my body down) and it did for the time i was running and 30 mins after. then it came back. like boom. I'm really drained and just ah. If you struggle with headaches you know what I mean. they can really knock you off your feet and wipe you out. today i babysat and tomorrow i will too. i basically just Algebra done in the morning, had lunch early and had a long rest time. ;) thankfully, with homeschooling and such i can do that. the rest of my family is not feeling too well either. my sister is getting over a sore throat and now mom and dad are sick also.
But I have been blessed my family and friends who encourage me and some who know exactly what I'm going through. My family especially because they put up with my headache-easily annoyed self ;)
here are some other things that have brought a smile this week--

i love acoustic songs. and how each of these guys sing.

 this is so fun. i dare you not to smile.


i would love to go there one day. be one of those people.

hanging on by a thread,


  1. I'm praying for you and love you and wish I could come over and have a cup of tea and talk about happy things with youuu!!!
    get better soon, dear!

    by the way...'just the way you are' is sooooo romantic! *swoons*♥

  2. Mary-- my goodness. you are such a sweet friend! thank you so much for your love and prayers! ♥♥

  3. Oh man, I am praying for u too. Headaches are the worst. =(

  4. get well soon dear, praying for you. things will get better soon. :)

  5. Praying for you. I have suffered those kind of headaches since I was nine years old. I know how debilitating and frustrating they can be. Asking the Lord to heal you and bring you comfort immediately.



  6. I'm so sorry you've not been feeling well, Samarah - I pray that you and your family will all be feeling much better very soon. ♥

    Love in Christ,

  7. So sorry you're sick! I know those kind of headaches, they're hideous. I'll be praying for you, hope you get well soon!


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