Friday, November 18, 2011

thanksgiving & Christmas and some friday favorites

hope you all are having a good friday night! it made smile to read the comments on my last post knowing i have some sundtrack loving soul sisters out there ;)

 when did thanksgiving just happen to be less than 1 week away already?! really. and please don't start even start about Christmas quite yet{which is only around 36 days away! but still.} . i LOVE Christmas. love it. and I really want to savor the time and enjoy. after Thanksgiving. It seems like every year thanksgiving keeps getting pushed further and further back on every one's burner. its all about Christmas. yes while it is super special, thanksgving is too. its a day set aside to specifically thank God for the many things He's given us. Let me dwell on that for a little while then after thanksgiving i'll join in all the Christmas cheer and fun ;) anywho, those are my thoughts. What do you think about all this thanksgiving/Christmas jazz?

here are a few favorite things from this week.

from pinterest
from pinterest

loving THIS post on Jessica's blog tonight.

i wanna go here

sang this song at church on sunday. powerful.

how are you gonna spend your weekend? Well tonight I'm finishing up chatting with my dear friend while listening to some Lecrae(take a listen.) and now I'm off to go watch some tv. And tomorrow I'm hoping to spend time with my family and getting some things done here and there :)

happy weekend friends! 



  1. hi friend,

    my Saturday is over, so now I'm excited to spend my Sunday at Church. going teach Sunday School students in the morning and then, youth cell-group in the evening.

    I'm also excited for Christmas, can't wait!!! hehe.

    may you have loads of fun this weekend!!!

    love much,
    Lhen :)

  2. This post made me smile. :)


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