Tuesday, November 15, 2011

i have a weakness for movie soundtracks

seriously i do. i love them. love. really love. okay you get the point.  i think soundtracks are one of the closest things to actual "raw" music. No sound effects. no voices. no distractions. just music. instruments playing all together. to tell a story. with emotion. sometimes i can just hear the a piece of a song and picture the scene in my head. Or sometimes its just background music for my own thoughts. or when i'm cleaning or playing a game with my siblings. or its a melody to fall asleep to. It brings back those "oh i love this part of the movie" and excited, intense etc. feelings without actually watching it.

Currently the Dark Knight and Thor soundtracks, my school work and I have been pals. the music makes algebra so much more workable. I'm keeping out The Dark Knight one from the library till the police come and haul me away. okay but not. but very close ;)

by the way, the Batman Begins album is a favorite too.

and other one....the Lord of the Rings. two words--amazing awesomeness. some of the best music ever.

so there it is-- I love movie soundtracks. they are one of my weaknesses. A good weakness though, I mean they help me with my school don't they? ;) I really think I will have my own little soundtrack library in my house in the future.

welp, I'm off to bed. Someone said there is a time before 7:30am called 5:15am. I'm not sure if I believe them but I'll find out tomorrow! {I'm doing this all in the name of babysitting and if-i-wanna-get-a-camera-or-a-laptop-i-have-to-work-for-it}

happy wednesday!



  1. amen amen. i totally agree with you there. soundtracks are the best ever. really. that's my most favorite type of music. no joke. and considering i want to write movie soundtracks...oh...yes. great post :))
    -jocee <3

  2. YES!!!!! I totally agree with you on ALL of these!! :)

    I have a weak spot for soundtracks too, darling ;)


    ~Miss Raquel


  3. oh i know what you mean. some of my favorite soundtracks are the ones from the national treasure movies! so intense... and awesome! i approve of each soundtrack you have listed here. so good :) what i do is i go on pandora.com and listen to their "epic movie soundtracks" radio! try it.

  4. oh man, I am obsessed with soundtrack music too.=)
    I'm not sure if you'll like these soundtracks, but u should check out the Real Steel soundtrack and the Adjustment Bureau soundtrack... those r 2 of ma favs..=)

    love ur blog and keep it up!!


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