Sunday, November 20, 2011

good sunday.


good time at church this am+rain+blankets+football= my favorite sunday :) 

especially when my packers are lighting it up this season. undefeated. like whoa.

the not so favorite part is that currently my lymph nodes, throat and ears are really sore and hurting. My little brother and mom are not feeling well at all and have sore throats/headaches and such.(colds I think). But this just came on all of the sudden literally. I was fine one moment and the next I was in so much pain. We are hoping its just because of some new medicine I'm taking. I really hope we ALL get better so we can enjoy this week and Thanksgiving. and that I can get school done so i can have a few days off :)

well I i think i'm gonna go make myself some tea.
how was your sunday?? 

much love♥

p.s.-- be on a thanksgiving related post sometime tomorrow :)


  1. tea is amazing. that is all. also, loved this. not a football fan, but i'm glad the packers are doing well, just for your sake :))
    -jocee <3

  2. our sunday rocked!
    finished up a long weekend marriage conference. such a good time with hubs. love that boy!
    now we are getting ready to cuddle, eat dinner and watch a show.

  3. I really hope you and your family get better! That would be horrible to be sick on Thanksgivng. I'll be prayin' for you guys. :)


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