Saturday, April 16, 2011

its 1 am...

Who is still up right now?? Well definitely NOT me. Because I go to bed early because I am for sure NOT a night owl. I am not tweeting, reading blogs, commenting and finding some beautiful new blogs and writing a post because I'm not that kind of girl. and I for sure DID NOT tell my mom I was headed to bed like an 2 hours ago because I definitely don't get sucked into computersphere and can't get out [maybe that's a lil' too dramatic].  Ok *maybe* I am still up BUT I promise I'm headed to bed as soon as I push publish! ;] I've been busy with school, babysitting and such and haven't had the time or energy to blog. I'm hoping this weekend I'll be able to put together some posts :) Till then enjoy this tune that I'm lovin'.

Feel It In Your Heart by Abandon

They are an awesome group and their sound and voices are unique. love the message of this song :)

There's a sound in the air
Can you hear it everywhere?
Voices trying to be heard.
Love is more than just another word
Oh, you can turn it up loud as loud as it will go.
But it will never make its way to your soul.
You gotta
feel it in your heart

Feel It In Your Heart (Official Music Video)

ABANDON | Myspace Music Videos

night{or should I say, good morning}lovelies!


  1. getting sucked into computersphere is the worst! =)

  2. LOVE LVOE LOVE this song! I was just listening to this morning :) I agree their voices are amazing ;) Have you head the acoustic version of this song??? I'll be posting it for my SONDay post :)

  3. Ha! I can totally relate! I'll go up to bed, say my goodnights at like 10 o'clock, get thirsty around 12, come downstairs to get a drink, end up getting on the computer for "just a second" and I'll be down here till 2 in the morning. It's completely ridiculous! And I'll have to check out that song! I like their one other song...I can't think of the title...
    Anyways, hope you got a good night's sleep! ;)
    ~Lauren :)

  4. Augh... I just wrote a long comment, and then blogger glitched and I lost it!
    Anyway, I was just trying to say hi, as it's been too long since I stopped by! I haven't been doing much blog stuff since my little brother was born a month and a half ago...
    I know all about staying up all night on the computer... I used to do that regularly with other friends, we'd stay up late as 2:00 AM sometimes. :P Sometimes i still stay up ridiculously late... Not chatting though.
    Fun song you posted! I'm not into Abandon, but that wasn't bad. :)

    I was looking at some of the other songs you posted. You're really enjoying the new FM Static album, huh? I haven't actually checked it out yet, but I probably will soon, as Trevor McNevan is one of my favorite singers. I like him better in Thousand Foot Krutch though. So tell me, are there as many pointless love songs on this new album as previous ones? Those always annoyed me... I hate pointless love songs. :P

    God bless!
    ~Katie K.


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