Friday, April 22, 2011

Kinsey's bday, gluten free girl and other fab things ;]

oh I almost forgot!! [slaps self] today my lovely friend Kinsey is celebrating her birthday! So go over to go to this post and wish her a happy one! I met Kinsey through blogging a while ago and we've been getting to know each other also through twitter [love that site! ;]. We have our differences and own opinions about things but she has been so encouraging and sweet to me. Even though we haven't met in person I consider her a dear friend :) Happy Birthday Kinsey! ♥♥

*not my photo. property of Kinsey at*

Okay so sunday night I spent an hour writing a blog post and it was kinda important and really good. and then my worst nightmare came alive. Mozilla crashed and it was gone. all gone. except for a little bit. like 1/3 of what I had written. I tried writing it again but it didn't come so I went to bed. I'm not going to try to rewrite what I had written, I'm just gonna do a fresh new post. *sometimes i could just chuck this computer out the window*

My life has been busy. I have things I have to get done like *ahem* school if I wanna graduate and other things too which you will read about below. I'm not trying to use "i've been busy" as an excuse but its the truth. I've missed blogging and I'm sure you've missed me! ;] just kidding.... well here's what I've been up to and what's new in my life [a few very random happenings ;)

My allergies flared up a few days ago, of course when the rest of the family's were fine! ;P But now its turned into more :/ I woke up this morning feeling really bad. sore throat, headache, ear pains and a whole lot of gunk in my sinuses! I'm trying my best to workout every other day and I was supposed to do it last night but I didn't feel up to it. So I did it this morning hoping it would make me feel better but it didn't :( It was a really good workout though! :)

I'm completely gluten free. 

and it feels great. I'm really enjoying it. Its hard to no to those cookies or the mac n cheese but I have to remind myself its not worth it. And it takes a lot of time and energy to make meals but its worth it. I've enjoyed searching blogs and sites for new gluten free meals and snacks. My mom has been very encouraging and keeps me in check, like saying "don't eat that!' when i'm reaching for the cookie jar ;) It's so nice when I get a headache or whatever that I can almost always rule out food as the cause of the headache.

I've started to babysitting for friends. some regularly and other here and there. And I love it. I feel very blessed to have parents trust me with their kids and want me to babysit/spend time with them :)

I bought The Voyage of the Dawn Treader! and it arrived in the mail on tuesday. yayyy!! :] I got the Blu-Ray-DVD-Digital Copy Deal for $20. I'm happy I found what I wanted! I think there's a movie booklet things in the package too but I haven't opened yet so I'm really excited to! I've really been wanting to get a good amount of school [its my idea not my parent's or anything. just wanna try to discipline myself ;] done before I break into it :) I haven't seen it since December so like I said I'm pumped ;) plus my mom hasn't seen it so pray I get tons of school done so I can watch it ;) its hard not to open it!

I'm so thankful for my family and friends. I'm beyond blessed. They show love, support and encourage me. They make me a stronger and more faithful person. I've been reminded of that many times over the past few weeks. ♥♥♥

I'm making THIS yummy looking gluten free stew. its in the crock pot now and the wonderful smell is starting to waft through the house. And its raining/storming outside. And its friday. and i get my whole family for the weekend. AND its Easter. perfect.

Alrighty, well that's all for now. Look for an Easter post sometime this weekend :)

much love♥,

P.S. I freshened up my playlist. I switched to MixPod and there's some new music! a while ago I turned off the-automatically-playing-when-you-come-to-my-blog option and it seems like more people have visited this lil' blog ;) But don't forget its down there! take a listen and lemme know what you think :)


  1. Your blog is so chic! Love it!! I esp like your pic at the top! :)

  2. Ahhh!!! It's been so long since I last commented over here...I've been reading though. :)

    Three cheers for The Dawn Treader! We bought the DVD the day before it came out on DVD (don't ask:]) and, it was great the first time, but the second time it was like a zillion times better. I even liked the music better!


  3. Aw my word!! Thanks, pretty lady. This was so sweet of you to write. I consider you a dear friend as well! ♥

    Congrats again on being gluten free. That is so awesome and I am SO proud of you! I know you'll continue to stay that way because you're a strong chick! ;]

    Sorry about your allergies! D: That stinks. Praying for you! ♥

    Love ya! xx

  4. I am trying to stay healthy too. Its hard but it does feel so good :)


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