Sunday, April 10, 2011

happy sunday :)

I hope you are enjoying your sunday! I am :)

beautiful warm sunny weather. 
awesome and thought provoking sermon at church. 
took 40 pictures in about 10 minutes of some lovely flowers. 
dad and siblings doing things outside. 
windows open and a breeze flowing through the house
getting ready for the week ahead and eager to start fresh and with a clean slate
editing pictures and listening to some tunes. 
liking wearing bermuda shorts and a t-shirt
in awe of how our mighty God works and so thankful for the amazing gift of life.

love this one!
This is our neighbor's tree across the street. I walked over to take some pictures and I'm so glad I did!
I feel in love with the blossoms and just kept snapping away ;)
one of my faves
don't know which edit I like better. you??

I'll leave you all with this song. Have a wonderful sunday recharging and getting geared up for the upcoming week! 

embrace God's love and mercy. let go of all the junk. be in awe of how great and awesome our God is.

much love,


  1. Veryy pretty flower pictures!!! It's so windy here, but a nice temperature!!

  2. Gorgeous flowers! <3 I hope this week is an awesome one for you, darling. :]

  3. they're all around your house?! it'a amazing! :))

    dejoiss ♥

  4. Beautiful pics! Our trees will be blooming soon but not quite yet.
    p.s. check out the giveaway on my blog here:

  5. Samarah, I have to tell know Emily? the one who has cancer? she has a blog! its up again! thought of you when I saw it.

  6. Gorgeous picture...happy *um* well, since it isn't Sunday anymore, happy Friday! :)

  7. Gorgeous pics girly:)

    Love ya


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