Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 9 & 10, new camera and new blogger :)

 First of all, thank you SO much for all your sweet comments on my last post {really on the past few posts}!! you girls are so encouraging and sweet. love you all so much :)

sorry I'm a bit behind on the 28 day challenge. I was really feeling bad yesterday, I even had to stay home from Latin class. I think I've only missed 1 other day in the entire 2 years I've been taking Latin. Today I was exhausted. exhausted. I took two 1 hour naps. that's NOT like me. We even had 3 extra kids(almost 1, 3, and 5 y.o.) and I managed to sleep for 2 hours amidst the very loud little people. I still feel really weak and tired. I didn't get any school done :/ I really hope I'm not getting sick.

Day 9-A photo you took- 
this is a hard one because I've taken like tons of photos :P I have lots of ones that I'm quite proud of that I took of my siblings and my "adopted" sisters but I can't post them on here because their faces are just too cute to share with the blogging world ;] So I'll choose another one (or 2 or 3) 

none of these have been edited. straight out of the camera :)

I really love this one. my good friend's converse :) i really love the purple

ahh the lovely sight of spring!

took this on a hike. love God's creation

pure beauty
having a little fun ;) 

Day 10: A photo of you taken over ten years ago. 
I can't do this one or tomorrow's because I don't post pictures of myself (my face) on my blog. Maybe in the future but not now. I'm just too gorgeous, ya'll aren't ready for me yet ;] But for Day 11 I will post a picture of me but not showing my face. 

Ok onto the exciting camera news!!! We(my family) are getting a new camera! the one we have now is really old and the zoom stinks. see? 

We've gotten by with it and gotten some really good shots but its just time to look for a better one. One of the reasons we are getting I'll share with ya another time. so excited :) so be on the look out for that! anywho, I'm really pumped about the one we're getting because it has a super sweet zoom and stuff like that. I will be able to put off my efforts for a more "professional" camera because this one is sooo sweet.and the cost is really reasonable.  I really want to explore photography. I love beauty and photography can capture it. wanna see it??!! here its is....
 Nikon Coolpix L110

ain't she a beauty??

I'm really excited to get my lil' hands on it!! ;D And getting it means that I'll post a lot more pictures! :]

I want to welcome Stephanie, Emily's {Grace Like Rain}sister to the blogging world! Check out her blog, While I'm Waiting. She is super sweet and her blog posts are encouraging and inspiring! :)

hope you are having a good night and I don't know about you but I'm glad tomorrow is friday! oh yeah, its my dad's birthday! :D I'll be doing a special post for that ;)

much love,


  1. Oh oh oh that camera is SO cool!!! What kind is it?

  2. Love your pictures that you took! And I totally, totally understand your hesitation to put pictures of yourself on...I've been debating with myself all day on this, because even though I have a Facebook with pictures of me on it, I don't really feel comfortable putting them on Blogger! I might just follow your lead and withhold my gorgeousness for now ;) Thanks for making me feel less alone! Haha :)

  3. *GASP* You're getting a new camera?!!!!! i cant believe it!!! thats totally amazing!! i'm am SO happy for you!!! and those pics are gorgeous!! remember i was with you on that hike thing? my camera wouldn't do that swirly thing haha good times.
    anyway, <3

  4. OmD, totally rad camera!! =D


  5. Oh, Samarah, I'm so sorry that you've been so down lately! Get better soon! Remember that all is in HIS hands!
    Try listening to some uplifting music while praying. That should help you spiritually, if not physically. :)

    Lovely pictures! Awesome about the new camera!

    God bless!
    ~Katie K.

  6. Love your new camera! And I love your pictures, especially the first :)

  7. May Amelia- its a Nikon Coolpix L110 :)

    Lauren- you are definitely not alone!! :)

    sarahlynn- akr??!! ;D I'm sooo excited!! :) yeah, I remember now... good times :)

    Kinsey- ahhh I know!! :)

    Katie- I have been listening to tons of music :) that has definitely helped! thanks friend ♥

    Antonia- I love that first one too! :)

    much love,


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