Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hard day & Day 8: A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life.

I'm a pretty straight forward down to earth girl. I don't like beating around the bush. I'll say it like it is. I really don't care what people think about me. I can be a "suck it up and deal with it" kind of girl but I have lots of compassion too. God is teaching me when to use my blunt side and my compassion side ;] I want to be honest about my life on here. So much of this world is fake and artificial and it tells us to pretend to be something we are not. and you're nothing if you do that. I want to be me. I am loved by Christ and He loves me for me and I can be completely myself in Him. I am loved by many and so are you :)  
So today was a hard day for me. I don't know why. It started out well, I studied Biology with 2 friends this morning. But then when we got home I just felt so frustrated and irriated just at life. I was so tired even though I had been going to bed at reasonable times. I was in my room the whole afternoon and I got just a little school work done. I had so much trouble focusing and I even took a rest and that helped a bit. But even after that I only got like 1/8 of my work done :( this evening I just stopped and helped around the house, dinner etc. Tonight has been nice and quiet though. I chatted with a best friend, drank some hot chocolate and found some lovely pictures. I still don't know why I'm feeling like this... I just feel blah about life in my soul. My friend reminded me that I need to give it up to God and let this day go into His hands. HE loves me and He gives me strength to get through the days. HE is the creator of the earth and giver of life. HE is the one I need to run to everyday. but its hard. Praying that I would be feeling better tomorrow and that I'll actually be able to get some school done! 
here's some pictures I found on weheartit.com {I don't totally support this site because of some questionable content but there are some really really neat pictures. so please use your own common sense when you search the site :) } 

this is what I feel like about school!


surrendering myself

words of truth

consume from the inside out

on to day 7- A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life

I'm gonna be a copy cat and do what Bleah and Lily did. Write a thank you letter to YOU!  Why?? because I'm exhausted and don't want to think of another person and I love you girls! ;)  you derserve a letter! heehee ;D

Dear Followers,

You all are such a blessing. Each and everyone of you. When I first started this blog I would of never thought that I would meet such beautiful sisters in Christ. Even though I haven't met you face to face, I think of you as dear friends. Your following and comments make my life much brighter! Thank you for finding my rambles interesting and enjoyable to read :) Thank you for caring and praying, its means so much to me. 

thank you a million times! :]

I'm off to bed :) hope you had a great day! thanks for reading♥

much love,


  1. Agreed with weheartit. They have some such GREAT STUFF and then you go oh man. seriously?! It makes me sad :(

    But many hugs to you... sorry you had a rough day.. I know how that goes. But you're right!! God is enough!! He is sufficient! He loves you!!

    Love ya sis. so much!

  2. Samarah, I understand your hard day all too well. I have sooo many moments where my life just feels "blah". But for me, I find it hard to pull myself out of them. You seem a bit opposite though, and I have faith that you'll get through it ;)
    And yes, weheartit is hard to support, but at the same time, it has some great stuff!!
    And your ramblings are very interesting and enjoyable to read ;D

    ~Lauren :)

  3. Oh girl I get like that a lot. It can be so frustrating. :/ I am the same way with my school work as well. Blah! It'll get better though, girl. I promise!! ♥

    Love ya!

  4. Thanks for this post :)

    OK, I still have nto received an e-mail from you so I cannot send you the CD. If you have not e-mailed me, please do. And if you already have, please try again!

  5. hey girl! so sorry you had a *blah* day yesterday! i totally feel for you, most days i feel *blah* and its hard to get out of it. really hard. :) hope today is a better day! God DOES love you! He does give you strength! all of us! if we ask he'll supply our needs! praying for you!

  6. *hugs* We love you too, Samarah!!!! And I'll pray that today was a better day. (:

    Weheartit confuses me too.....good things, but also bad things. *sighs* So yeah....and hey, being a copycat isn't bad. *giggles* I copied Bleah!!

    Your always loving soul-sister,

  7. 1) In this respect, we are like twins. I have those days too, and I pray that those days are far in between for you. They're tough, but you are strong and with God, all things are possible! Keep up the faith.

    2) I love you, too! You are such a wonderful and beautiful blogger. :)

    3) Thanks for following my sister's blog, Samarah. She's super excited!

    Hugs & Blessings,

  8. That is amazing! You sound like such a confident young woman, Praise God! :) May He be with you in everything you do.

  9. Jess- thank you so much :) love you too♥

    Lauren- thanks! I always wonder if people enjoy me random posts :)

    Kinsey- thanks sweet girl! ♥

    Charity- we got the email thing worked out :)

    sarahlynn- thank you dear friend! :-)

    Lily- love you girl!! ♥

    Emily- thank you so much for those sweet words! :)

    Stephanie- thanks! and welcome to the blogging world! :]

    much love,


hey there! thank you so much for reading and commenting. seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart. ♥


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