Friday, February 11, 2011

happy birthday dad {and 3 other people! }

Actually there are 3 other people that we know whose birthdays are today. My Aunt S and Aunt A and then a friend.

Happy Birthday Aunt S and Aunt A!! I miss you both very much! much love ♥ 

This isn't going to be a long birthday post. just something short and sweet :] my dad is: a great man of God. loving husband. awesome dad. my hero and protector. hilarious.caring. smart. generous. wise. creative. lover of a great variety of music. (I get my great love of music from him). and much more but i don't have time to list them all :) he is the one person that can make me laugh when I'm in the worst mood. he is down right hilarious. loves to make jokes. I get my sense of humor (if i have any ;) from him. put him, my mom and i together and we can be pretty funny! A lot of people say I look like my dad and i believe 'em. sometimes dad does something or makes a facial expression and I say "oh my gosh! you look SO like me!" we are so alike its creepy ;] we both have a great love for history and music. we can go from Kj-52 and Skillet to Carrie Underwood and Brandon Heath. He has a great memory and has a lot of information stored up in his brain. He and I remember the oddest things, like what kind of car somebody drives or what shoes they were wearing. yeah weird, but i love it ;) We've had great times together and I know we will have many more! :)

Happy Birthday Dad!

with love,


  1. Such a sweet post. Happy birthday to your dad and to your Aunts!! ♥♥


  2. Ah....Happy birthday Samarah's aunts and dad!!!!! Oh, and her friend. *giggles*


  3. such a sweet post! tell your dad i said happy birthday!! :D


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