Tuesday, February 22, 2011

catching up on 28 days (part 2) and a giveaway you DO NOT wanna miss!!

Be sure not to miss the bit about an amazing giveaway! :]

Day 20: A hobby of yours- 
i've played for every year for 7 years. and I love it. love the team work that it takes to play a good game. involves your whole body and its great exercise. and its so much fun :) 

Day 21: Something you know you do differently than most people-

I can be me, like no one else! :]
I'm strong willed person and I don't fall under the pressure of this world to be someone I'm not. I'm true to myself and I don't care if I'm an Outcast. Kerrie Robert's song "Outcast" is my anthem right now because I'm having a hard time fitting in at church and with some other groups. I'm definitely not the popular one, probably the least popular but I'm ok with that. I'm gonna keep my head , stand my ground and be who I am because God made me who I am and He has big plans for me. I am alive and beautiful in Him :) and so are YOU!
I'm not living for them I'm living for something better! 

Day 22: A website-

I can't think of an interesting one so I'm just gonna say Air1 Radio because they play some awesome music. they've introduced me to new artists and i've been so blessed by them :)  

I'm going ahead and doing tomorrows :)

Day 23: A way in which you want to be remembered- 
this kinda goes with day 21.

I want to be remembered as a person who loved Christ and lived for Him and because of Him. Who showed some crazy love to the world and didn't fit in. Was an outcast for Christ. :] 

Alright, now onto the amazing giveaway! its pretty amazing and you definitely don't wanna miss it.

Ilene at much love, illy in honor of her blogiversary is giving away 5 lovely items! to 5 lucky much love, illy readers! :]  I just love her blog. she's gorgeous for one thing and I could spend hours on her blog reading about her love for Christ, family, friends, her Ryan and Chicago ;) I mean this picture just says it all. doesn't it just wanna make you run straight to her blog?! don't deny it. it does.

She is giving away some super cute things that any girl would l.o.v.e to get her hands on! seriously they are adorable. and you could be one of those lucky winners! click here to enter! 

I'm struggling a bit with getting school done. I just feel overwhelmed and so tired. I'm sorry to whine but its true. 

hope you all are having a better day/week than I am! 
much love,


  1. i found your blog since i saw you started following me on twitter. :]

    i love soccer! i played for about ten years. what position did you play?

    i pray that you keep "outcast" as your anthem. i really love that song. it was my life, too, on the fringes of popularity. and it was tough, but i can say i didn't compromise, and i thank God for that. i pray He gives you the same strength! life lived Jesus's way is not easy BUT He gives us the strength to live it, and that's what makes it all totally worth it!

  2. Soccer is so cool! One of my favorite sports.

  3. Soccer is the best sport EVER!!!
    Well, even if you'r enot 'popular' in groups at church----you're pretty darn popular here!!!! We lvoe you, Samarah, for who God made you to be!

    Love you, soul-sis, and praying for you!!

  4. Soccer looks so fun! I would love to give a try one day. =]


  5. Annie- thanks for stopping by! I like all the positions except for goalie. I refuse to be goalie. i will play any other position though. but my FAVORITE is left or right full back. People say that I probably play my best when I'm in that position and I really love it :) I'm a stubborn and a protective person so its a good one for me! ;]

    Jemimah- ditto girl! ;)

    Lily- agreed!! aw thanks girl, you are so sweet! you brighten up my life :) love you soul sista ♥

    Kinsey- I think you would be really good at it! Just your personality (because its like mine) seems like a soccer player's personality ;] you should totally give it a try!

    thanks so much for the love girls!

  6. Oh yeah, and I totally love that song. *laughs* I'd say it's a pretty good anthem for us teenage Christians.

    Love you!!!!


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