Thursday, February 24, 2011

♥picture sweetness and i love this awesome kid movie♥

I've been taking pictures like crazy and here are some favorites from this past week :) these are pretty good pictures, if I do say so myself ;)

(all of these are edited but not too much. I feel like editing them a lot takes anyway some of the raw beauty of the picture)

this one is my favorite from the week. absolute favorite. my hand with Peanut's :)  

please note: it was very difficult to keep her still so I'm proud of myself with this one :)

this is THE best gluten free cookie.ever. Enjoy Life: Double Chocolate Brownie cookie. And its not only gluten free, its soy,wheat,fish,nut, diary AND egg free. you might think it would taste nasty but its not. They are smaller cookies and they are soft and oh so good. I like them even more than regular gluten filled cookies. yes they're THAT good.

 like this one!

ahh.. love :)

love those baby feet and hands! :] 

Day 24- a movie no one would expect you to love

I really like any kind of movie: action/adventure, romance comedy etc. But when it comes to kid movies, I can be a little bit picky. First of all they are putting a lot of adult content into movies for kids and its supposed to be appropriate for them but its not. second, if they don't put adult content into it then sometimes they get all sappy, tasteless, dumb and boring then its a waste of time to watch it. So its rare to find a good wholesome movie that your whole family can watch that is not boring but not too much for the younger ones. and this movie has a fantastic blend of action/adventure and comedy and it does have a little bit of "puppy love" (for lack of a better word) but its really mild. When I first heard about it I thought I " oh good grief, another dumb kid movie" but when  I watched it with my family, I loved it from the beginning. Its one of the best movies this year...

How to Train Your Dragon

the plot was interesting and active and it kept you wondering what would happen next 

it kept us laughing, even my dad! there were some pretty hilarious parts! Hiccup was so lanky, a bit clumsy and cool

I love his friends...  the scenes where they are training are probably my favorite. 

and how could you not love Toothless?? :] 

the flying scenes were so neat

well I don't feel like explaining the plot but you can google it and find it ;] and there's word that there will be a How to Train Your Dragon 2 in the near future, we shall see :)

 so there's a movie that at least I didn't think I'd like ;) its really a great movie and if you haven't seen it, go see it and if you have, what do you think of it??

much love,


  1. Oh yes.....that movie is AWESOME! SWEET! WONDERFUL! FANTASTIC! deserves lots of good words. (:
    I actually have a friend who acts/talks/walks like Hiccup....he's pretty cool.


  2. awwww! so cute! is that your baby sister?? i didn't think you had siblings. maybe i just haven't paid attention. anywho, she is adorable. my favorite kiddy movie is "nemo"! love it so much!! xD


  3. Very cute baby pictures! :) Those cookies sound so good!!! :)
    I've never seen How to Train Your Dragon, but it sounds really interesting!

  4. Love your pictures, Samarah! Those cookies look and sound delicious! Mmmm... :)


  5. Aww, I love the baby pictures! :)

    Sorry for not answering your email yet. Busy week :/

  6. Heyyy! i l.o.v.e. that movie!! i thought it was soo uh, whats the word? **insert awesome word** :D anywho, your pics are great!
    i miss you soooo much and really want to see you but thats impossible so we'll have to chat sometime!

  7. Ooooooooh those baby fingers and toes are absolutely precious!!! Thank you so much for your prayers, means a lot to me.:) God bless you!
    By the way...I'm still super jealouzzz of that awesome camera!;)

  8. Beautiful pics:) I love that movie soooooooo good. Lots of love:)

  9. I love the movie "How to train a dragon" too. At first I didn't think a movie about Vikings and dragons wouldn't be good but all the kids in my swim lessons raved about so I thought I had to see it. Its was so adorable and cute :)

  10. Lily- ditto all those fabulous words! :)

    Kinsey- No, she isn't my sister. We (my mom and I) babysit her, she is so adorable! I have 2 younger siblings, 5 y.o. brother and 8 y.o. sister :) ahhh I love Nemo! :)

    Emily- You should see it, its really good! :)

    Lindsay- thanks girl! :)

    Antonia- thank you :) oh no pressure, I totally understand!

    Sarahlynn- thanks friend! ahhh I miss you too, more than you miss me I bet! ;P hopefully we can catch up VERY soon!

    Mary- I'm still praying for you friend! thanks for the sweet comment :)

    Rose- :) love ya girly!

    Sweet Pea- I totally agree! :]

    much love♥


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