Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Favorites and Tagged!

its time for Friday Favorites!! :)

SarahLynn at Just Hangin' Out

Sierra at Mission Cool tagged me :)

1.Which bug is your least favorite? I don't care for stink bugs or beetles!
2.Worst book you've ever read. I usually don't remember books I've read that I didn't like ;)
3.Biggest pet peeve(mine is unclosed doors) people chomping their gum in church.... drives me crazy!!
4.Do you Know who Siloam is? nope
5.Have you ever been to a concert?
YES! I love them!!
6.Worst and best subject. in school? love history. hate math.
7.Tootsie rolls or Hershey's bar Hershey's
8.Star Wars or Star Trek. Not really into either but probably Star Wars

Here are my questions, they are going to be short and sweet :)

1. favorite thing about winter
2. favorite Christmas song ( or one of your favorites :)
3. Cake or Pie
4. juice or pop or cold weather?
5. football or basketball
6.hip hop or country
7. pencil or pen
8. chocolate chips or peanut butter

Sorry for the silly questions! I had a brain freeze and I couldn't think of anything but SarahLynn helped me :)

I tag:
and anyone else who follows me! just leave a comment if you do it :)

I'll leave you with my friday/weekend anthem :) ( even though its almost saturday... sorry for the late night posting, about the only time i can actually sit down and write :)

love. Samarah

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  1. I love reading tags! ;) By the way, I’m new to your blog! I’d love it if you stopped by mine here:

  2. thanks for sharing these insightful things! :)

  3. UGH!BEETLES!!!!!!!!!!!
    I know!I'll love a book then when I try to write a review I have to try to remember stuff.
    I love History and I'm usually/used to be am...disturbed and unenthusiastic with it.
    Although I have started liking it more9I can;t believe I just wrote that!).I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Star Wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Aww, thanks for the shoutout! you're awesome. :D


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