Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blog Giveaway!

This post is 2 days late ( my real blog-aversary was on sunday) but who's counting?? ;) ;)

I've officially been blogging for 1 year(and 2 days)!!!

this first year of blogging has been great! Its brought joy,comfort and made me think about my life more. I enjoy going back and reading some of my very first posts. Here's my first What I'm Listening To post just for fun ;) Meeting other people who have similar interests as me (or maybe non at all ;) has been exciting and gaining followers is another wonderful perk to blogging!! I've been so encouraged by people that I don't even know personally, from my blog. You guys have prayed for me and others I've posted about. That touches my heart. So to all my 60 followers( I can't believe its more than halfway to 100 ;) whom I love , non followers who read my blog, people out there who pray for me, and to God for blessing me with the "blogging world", THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! You reading my blog and comments make my life a little bit brighter :)

Since my dear friend Sarahlynn's blog-aversary is today and since we got each other started, we thought it would be a good idea to have a joint giveaway :)
The giveaway starts NOW!
Here's the details:

Sarahlynn is giving away a custom made blanket!! If you win you get to choose the 2 colors you would like it to be :) for example: brown on one side and blue on the other

and Yours Truly is giving away a $10 iTunes gift card!!

Who wouldn't want one of those prizes?! ;) Sarahlynn made me a blanket last year and I LOVE it! It's so warm and soft! and you can get some nice tunes and you're reading to rock out on the couch ;)

There will be 2 winners and 1 will win the blanket and the 1 will get the itunes card.

Here's how to enter:

If you enter on Sarahlynn's blog in addition to entering here on mine you get double the entries! For example: you leave me a comment and tell me you follow Sarahlynn's blog and mine then you can go over to her blog and tell her that you follow us both and that will equal 2 entries! So make sure you head over to her blog :)

Please leave separate comments for each entry, that makes it much easier for us!

Mandatory entry: follow Sarahlynn's blog and my blog-1 Entry, if you already do still comment and tell me and it will count as 1 entry

Extra Entries:
  • Post about our giveaway on your blog. (if you could leave the direct link to the post that would be great!) - 1 Entry
  • Put the giveaway button your sidebar-1 Entry

Samarah's Sayings

  • Put my blog button on your sidebar-1 Entry

Samarah's Sayings

For people who don't have a blog- The mandatory entry still applies but to get an extra entry you can tell us your favorite quote!

The giveaway will end on Monday November 29th at 12:oo PM ET and we will announce the winners on the 30th.

So hurry up and get yourself entered here on my blog and Sarahlynn's blog!!

Thanks again for making my first year of blogging great and I look forward to many more! :)



  1. I put the giveaway button on my sidebar!!

  2. And I put your blog button in my 'Blogs I Love' page.

  3. i now follow both blogs
    tcogbill at live dot com

  4. Samarah! You're so welcome. It took me a while before I even knew you followed me. (you should have talked to me. I would have loved hearing from you) Once I saw you on my blog, I had to jump over and be a part of this lovely blog... also, I've been reading your previous posts'/about me's and I think you're a very lovely person. I will definitely pray for you. I too am going through a lot of the same things such as yourself, I know how it feels, honestly. If you ever want to talk or anything just find me {my e-mail is on my blog}. I know you don't know me like that, but I'm not a weirdo, I promise. ;)

    I actually placed your Button on my side-bar before I knew it counted as an entry! I genuinely love your blog, so I was happy to do it anyway. But the entry is an added bonus! {p.s. so sorry for this extremely long comment.}

    Happy Blogger-versery!!
    Take care,

  5. I follow your blog...what a cool idea for a giveaway! Happy Blog-iversary!

  6. I posted about it on my blog.

  7. AND I posted your blog button on my side bar... :)

  8. I am gfc follower!


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