Sunday, November 8, 2009

Scripture Sunday: Friendships

I've decided that every Sunday I would choose a bible verse and talk about it and call it Scripture Sunday.

Here's this week's topic- Friendships.

I listened to a sermon by James MacArthur on friendships. It was really good and got me thinking about my own friendships.
Here are 4 points he made about friends:

Eternity- Choose friends that are going where you're going. Your best and closest friends should be Christians. Amos 3:3

Infinity- Choose friends that are doing what you're doing.

Chemistry- Feeling the same way you do. people you "click" with.

Loyalty- Choose friends that are fighting what you're fighting. Friends that will stand by you.

Lastly.. love your friends!! ( I think that's pretty self explanatory ;)

I hope this gets you thinking about your own friendships because I know it got me thinking about mine :)

have a great day!


P.S. I would of posted this last night but I had to go to bed :)

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