Sunday, November 15, 2009

Scripture Sunday

I don't have time to do Scripture Sunday today. If I have time sometime later in the week I'll do it then but I just found out that I have a lot of science to catch up on... :( Not to mention all of the other school I have to do everyday.

hopefully I'll be able to do SS later in the week :)


  1. Howdy!
    I know how that is. I actually need to get my own school done. :P I just usually do it after lunch.
    Wow, your blog reminds me of my first one. :P I never understood why no one commented. It's hard to find other bloggers your own age on here, isn't it? Well, actually I don't have much trouble anymore, there are a lot of us on Homeschool Blogger. Maybe you should check it out? There are hundreds of Christian homeschooled kids over there.
    Anyway, don't be discouraged by lack of comments. I had the same problem when I first started blogging a little over a year ago. Just plow ahead, keep posting and commenting on people's blogs. It might take a while, but you'll gain popularity slowly. At least, that's how it was for me. :P I've made some great friends along the way and discovered a love of writing. I really hope that you have as much fun with it as I do!

    Okay, wow. This comment is longer than your post! lol. I'll quite rambling now.

    God Bless You!

  2. Hi Beth!

    Do you want me to reply to your comments on here or on your blog? for this reply I'll just do it on here :)
    Thank you SO much for the encouragement! I'll keep posting and keep commenting on other people's blogs! :) I'm having a great time blogging and I've just been on here for 1 week and 2 days! :) I've had a pretty good amount of visits but no one is commenting, but least i know that people are coming to my blog :)
    I choose blogger because it's connected with gmail and i use gmail for my email ( haha that was kinda funny!) I've thought about homeschool blogger but right now I don't want to do all that switching around. Possibly in the future if blogging on here isn't going as well as I'd like it too, I'll think about switching to homeschool Blogger.

    If you have any suggestions on how to make my blog more appealing or anything i'd love to hear them!

    have a great day!


  3. Howdy again, Samarah!
    I don't really mind where you reply to my comments. :P You can do it here or on my blog. Whichever you prefer. I'm not picky!
    And you're welcome for the encouragement! I'm more than happy to give it. I wish I' had the same when I started. :P
    I loved blogging from the beginning too! Like I said, I've made some great friends. :)
    Oh, I wasn't trying to get you to switch! :P I probably should've worded that better. :/ I just thought that maybe you should look at some of the blogs there. Though, I will warn you, some people there don't like the blogs of people who aren't with Homeschool Blogger. I'm not really sure why... There are a lot of awesome people outside of HSB.
    Well, anyway, I LOVE Skillet! They're my second favorite band! My favorite is Kutless. "Hero" is a good song. Pretty good video too. I like "Monster" better though. In my opinion the video for it is better too. Really captures my imagination! And Skillet was actually the band that got me started writing music. Their song, "Would It Matter" really got me thinking. And I just felt a need to write a song with an answer to the question, "Would it matter at all?" And the answer is yes, yes it matters very much. :) If you want to see it, you can scroll down a few entries on my blog. I posted it. Though, sadly, there is no way for me to set it to music yet. :(

    Oh dear, I'm rambling again... I could just keep talking about music for the rest of my life if someone got me started! lol.
    Well, anyway, what are some of your favorite bands/musicians? Mine are Kutless, Skillet, Jars of Clay, Newsboys, Matthew West, David Meece and a few others. I have over 300 songs on my MP3 player. I just LOVE music SO much. I'm so glad that God created it. :)

    Anyway, I don't really have any suggestions for your blog. I think it's nice the way it is. You even have a good template! I will admit that I've come across blogs where the template kinda scared me away. You should never have a template that is so overblown and distracting that no one can read your blog! :P

    God Bless You!

  4. Thanks Beth! :) It took me a couple days to find a background that "fit" my blog :D I love the song by Skillet called One Day Too Late!!! It's such a great song!!
    Well I go through phases where I like a group and music artist and listen to their music and stuff then I don't listen to their music very much and back and forth! so with that said my favorite music artists right now are Britt Nicole, Skillet, Flyleaf, and my fav songs right now are Again by Fyleaf, What Faith can Do by Kutless( awesome song!) Play on by Carrie Underwood (its 1 in like 4 or 5 songs i like by her), Upside Down by Jack Johnson ( such a fun song!) and Secrets and Regrets by Pillar ( another great song!!). see i could go on rambling about music also!! :) I have like 400 and something songs on my iPod but I don't listen to all of those songs at at all! I don't really have any new music on my iPod :( lol here im rambling again!
    about commenting, if you comment on here then i'll reply on here :)
    thank you for commenting on my blog!

    have a great evening!


  5. You're welcome! I understand about hyaving a hard time finding a template. For the longest time, I had an ugly black template with googly eyes at the top! Ugh! Unfortunately, it was one of the best default templates that Homeschool Blogger had! I tried making myself a template, but... Let's just say that I shouldn't be trusted with HTML code! :-P Thankfully, one of my friends took pity on me when she saw my template and made me the one I currently have!
    OOOH! I LOVE "One Day Too Late"! AMAZING lyrics! "Feel the moment slip into the past, like sand through an hourglass." Ah, awesome! I'm actually listening to it as I type this! lol. Well, now it is over.
    Let's see... I've heard of both Britt Nicole and Flyleaf, but I forget how they sound... :P "What Faith Can Do" by Kutless is also totally awesome! I can't wait to get "It Is Well" but I probably won't get it for a couple more weeks until my birthday. :P It really stinks that right now, all of the music I REALLY want to have on my player, we don't own! Ugh! And my music player is too small. :( I'll have to remove a few songs soon. :/ It'll be hard to pick which songs to remove... It's all such good music! I need a new MP3 player, but I want a camera and an electric bass guitar even more...
    Anyway, I'll reply to the comments you leave on my blog on my blog as well. (Did that make sense?)
    Well, it's late and I should probably wrap this up.

    God Bless You!

  6. Hi Beth!
    I want a camera too! :D I love taking pictures! I've taken some really good ones of my little brother and sister :) they are so fun to take pictures of!
    yeah I know what you mean! I get newer CDs from the library and put them on my iPod but I'm bummed when I have to take the songs off my iPod when I have to take the CD back to the library! lol I put them on my iPod so I can listen to them more often and anywhere I go but I make sure I take the songs off when I take the CD back to the libary!
    I have a iPod mini, what kind of MP3 player do you have?
    yes that made sense ( about commenting on your blog) :)

    hope your are having a great evening!



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