Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Animal

My Animal a.k.a my guinea pig. His name is Frodo, yes like in the Lord of the Rings :) He is 4 months old and I think he is big for a 4 month old guinea pig! but I love him! When I got him he was so tiny and compared to then and now he has grown SO much. I'm bummed because I don't have any pics of when I first got him :(
Here are some more recent pictures....

this one cracks me up! :)

I love this one!

sorry this is blurry!

Now he almost all gray except for his face! His dad was all gray and think he will be a daddy's boy! :P

so cute!

I will probably post more about My Animal in the future but for now the basics and pictures of him will have to do! ( I'll take some pics and post them :)


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