Sunday, November 21, 2010

my picks for fall/winter fashion :) ( updated ;)

 Nov. 21.10-I added some more items and little bits here and there to the post I published on Nov.20.10 ;)

I'm still not feeling very well ( thanks for the prayers :) today so I'm looking at clothes online and putting some of them on my Christmas list ;) and I thought I'd post my picks :) 
I haven't posted about fashion or clothes before on here so this should be fun!

I just got a pair of these today. I had worn out mine last year and was bummed that I didn't have a pair for this fall and winter but then we found them today at the mall on sale for $15!! I so excited :D  I've been wearing these kinds of shoes for a few years now and I LOVE them. They are great for me, I can wear them to church or with some sweatpants :)
Mine are a different brand and I could not find them online anywhere but these are very similiar :) Clogs

And tonight I was talking to SarahLynn and we were talking about shoes and how she wants a pair of boots and of course I went on a boot hunt ;) I found these and I think they are SO cool! I love boots ( in case you didn't notice ;) I think I like the gray ones the best.

Journee Collection Jester Knee-High Boots from

These items are at

I saw these on Marie Loves this morning and I thought they were so cute and oh so cozy looking! i would love these for our cold winter days!

Simply Vera Vera Wang Slouch Boot Slippers 

 (click the pictures to go to view the item)
I can't decide if I like the black ones or gray ones

Bengals Lounge Pants!

These might look ugly but they are really cool if you see the picture bigger :)
Wouldn't these look cute with the black slippers ;)

love this!  something I could wear to church...

Takeout Emma Toggle Crochet Sweater Coat

maybe with these jeans :) 
SO Crosshatch Flare Jeans

 Ok on to Old Navy :)
ahh classic sweatshirts and i love the color of that green one but they don't have it in my size :(  but they had my size in the cream colored one :-)

Women's Logo Pullover Sweatshirts                                           Women's French Terry Logo Tees

                                                  Women's French Terry Logo Tees
I like these kind of pants a lot, they would go with the brown sweater from Kohl's

Women's Boot-Cut "Citizen Surplus" Cargos

everyday shirts... 
Crew neck jersey                                                                                                  Lightweight V-neck Tee

and lastly these outerwear items from

I absolutely love vests!!                                                                             and this coat! isn't cute?!
        Fur Lined Puffer Vest                                                                  Solid Hooded Utility Jacket         


What do you think?

Hope you all are having a great weekend!


  1. Jeans+sweater+coat+other AWESOME stuff = CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I hope you feel better! I think my favs are the slipper boots (& I couldn't decide between black or gray, either).

    Blessings & Prayers,
    S-M-I-L-E =)

  3. The boots look so awesome, i'd love a pair myself!

    Also, I would like to invite you to enter a giveaway i'm hosting at the moment:

  4. You have great taste Samarah! They are all so cute!!! <3 :D love ya!

  5. yes i love those boots!!!! and your new shoes!

  6. I love the boots and the sweater! Fall fashion is my favorite :)

  7. OMG!!!!!!! I FOUND THE VERA WANG BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH This is now my new fave blog lol YAY! nice style btws :D
    <3 Mia


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