Sunday, June 3, 2012


currently I am crashed on the couch from an awful headache that i've had since thursday. but yesterday evening and today it really ramped up. i stayed home from church this am and slept/watched The Two Towers in bed. then i dropped my computer from the top bunk but lets not talk about that.   lets talk about the lord of the rings for a moment. more specifically Aragorn. why is he so legit? im dead serious. every time i watch the movies im more baffled by it. He's just SO. SO. YOU KNOW. if you've watched the movies and/or read the books then you know and if you haven't, I don't know what to say. only that you're missing out on the one of THE most epic trilogies ever.

end thought: I need a ranger in my life asap.

 im currently thinking about how can it be June already, that bottle of cream soda in the fridge and the fact that I saw The Avengers for the 2nd time yesterday. ITS JUST AS AWESOME SO GO SEE IT AGAIN. NOW. and how to balance different things in life. yah, i've got all kinds of random thoughts in my head people. welcome to my brain. enter at your own risk.

im currently feeling extremely thankful for the friends I have. and for new friends. looking forward to getting my laptop case in the mail this week and excited about the fact that i pre ordered my copy of The Hunger Games on amazon! {eekkkk}. also, feeling a bit overwhelmed/frustrated/stressed about school. I need to get my books finished by the August if I want August off. but my health{i.e. headaches} have been making that very hard. praying that i will find ways to override the pain or that it would go away.

im currently listening to this and this. and this. and this.

to wrap this post up, lets go back to fangirl me for a moment. one sentence and one picture.
Loki is one of my TOP favorite characters. okay, two sentences. and yes, because its Tom Hiddleston.

I shall leave you now, with that smile to go chat some more with Sky and finish The Two Towers and figure out what to do with myself and this headache.

happy sunday! <3


  1. I love Aragon and Thor. This post = amazing!!


    1. Aragorn, Thor, Loki and Batman are my most favorite characters!! just so you know ;)

  2. Ahhhhhhh Aragorn. I...I...there are no words. I love that man. In fact, all men should be like him. Strong, and rugged, and chiseled! Not to mention, just downright *good*. Plus, he looks so fabulous, even with his sometimes crazy hair ;D
    "Enchanted" by Taylor Swift is simply enchanting.
    Love it.
    ~Lauren :)

    1. AH I KNOW!! that's why I said I need a ranger in my just like Aragorn because he's so awesome. and all those other things you said ;)
      I love your comments girl! <3

  3. You talking about Aragorn made me laugh. But seriously, he's pretty dang awesome. I need a ranger in my life too... :)


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