Sunday, June 10, 2012

INDIA {part 1}

happy sunday! I'm kinda in a blogger's rut as to what to post about and when I do have something it doesn't come out right.. then I thought about how I've been promising to post India pictures for for.eva. so here's the first part!

So my mom left to go on a ministry trip on (last) March 9th, it was her first time out of the country and she had an amazing experience! She went with 8 other people and they helped with a conference for the pastors (current and to be.) and the pastor's families who are building churches in India.

amazing view from the plane!!
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I've never been on a plane but i really want to! :) 

my mom had to get on 4 planes before she got to her final desintation. plus India in 10 hours ahead of us(EST) and so she left on a wednesday here but didn't get to Dehli till friday. crazy!!

flags at the airport in Nagpur

Polly Carp(a parrot that travels with all the short term misonaries from our church :) he's a cute lil' guy ;)

an off duty flight attendant taking a picture with Polly :) She said she didn't look good in pictures...pssshhh!! she could easily get a modeling job!

first look at rishaws. those things are tiny and like 20 people ride in there. 

gorgeous sunrise!

wallpaper in the airport, looks real doesn't it? 

snack shack along the road... 

first meal...

papaya, pineapple, cucumbers,  potato thing and  chapatis

toast and some sort of sauce 

sign for the Cricket World Cup! which they won :) 

first India street experience!! 

French Army(Navy?) plane mom saw through the window of the airport

the bathrooms are located behind those blue doors. yea, more on that later.

at destination! Hotel room

Now she is at the director of The Bible College's house

ladies wearing their saris

Baby "R'" 


"R" coloring with a book and crayons that Mom brought with her 



and that wraps up part 1! 


  1. i love the sea of clouds... looks like your mom had a great mission trip in India. :)

  2. How neat! It's always fun to learn about different cultures. Btw, you're the pic of your Mom with the bird :)

    1. Yes! and actually that isn't my mom, its a flight attendant :)


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