Wednesday, April 18, 2012


i'm in a starting over mood. where i make lists and goals because i'm tired/frustrated with the way i've been and doing things. take my eating/working over the past 2 weeks. i haven't been doing the best. and I'm seeing/feeling the results so I'm making a list of goals to strive to reach in order to be my best. then take my blog, i feel a bit blah about it. haha ;) I can't seem to find a blog template,design or look that feels right. that is me. I'm lacking inspiration about what to post and when i sit down to write it--nothing. (i seem to find the words in my head but getting them into a post is another thing) then i start thinking about me and this blog. i feel like i've gotten a bit lost in all the tumblr posts and such. i almost need to re-define myself and refocus. who am i? why am i blogging? what is the goal of my blogging? 

who am i? i'm a daughter of Christ. He died on the cross for ME. to save ME from my sins. to give ME salvation and experience His everlasting love for ME. I can't' get over that. He is the reason I breathe and live. I strive to love Him more and more each day and serve Him. 

I have some of the most awesomest parents ever and best little siblings ever(I have a little sister and  little brother). and don't' get me started about my friends. THE BEST EVA. the end. amen. 
I'm a highschooler who is homeschooled. no I do not stay in my pajamas all day everyday and YES I am socialized and can handle myself in public. 
I babysit regularly and love it. love those little people. 
I am real and say it like it is. no playing around. 
I've been struggling with my health for about 4 years now(i think..i've lost count). I've had constant  headaches, fatigue, body aches, ear aches sinus infections etc etc etc and am just now getting to the bottom of it all. we've discovered that i have many food allergies including gluten, diary, nuts and sugar. now i really only battle with headaches, tiredness and sinus infections now. It is difficult to get school done, many days I am frustrated and hardly get any done. and many days I'm so tired and frustrated and stressed from . I try to take one day at a time. 
After I graduate I want to travel. destinations? Switzerland and New Zealand. 
I'm addicted to tumblr. its sad but true. 
Its the little things that make me happy. like nights spent watching Monk or Numb3rs with my mom. a sweet text from a friend. a certain post on tumblr. tweets from friends. finding a favorite movie for under $10. gluten free doughnuts. 
I have a huge fangirl heart. I don't think i really knew it though till i joined tumblr. but i'm not one of those fangirls that do whole shrill fangirl scream or gush openly and so on. I try to keep my open obsessing in moderation and to my closest friends ;) although when I was watching The Avengers Premiere and the whole cast was lined up at the end, i about lost it right in my living room. Kylie is a witness. my current loves? The Hunger Games(*ahem* josh hutcherson) and The Avengers. Go here for my tumblr

I dislike my hair. thick, wavy, frizzy. yeah. 
I LOVE to laugh, love funny people and have a good sense of humor.
I have next to no patience. sorry world, I'm working on it. 
I enjoy reading, the color teal and kettle corn popcorn. 

why am i blogging/what is the goal of my blogging?

I've been thinking about this one for a week or so now. (yes i've been thinking about this post for a week. does anyone else "write" out the post in your head before you actually write it?) Why do I blog? what am i hoping to achieve? I think I have 75% of the answer. to know that I'm not alone. to know that i'm not the only one who has a weakness for soundtracks, struggles with working out or health issues. whatever you or I are dealing with, there's almost always someone who is in the same boat. and blogging helps you notice that. its a comfort knowing that you are not alone. You can be yourself and express yourself and feelings in different ways and find people who are feeling just like you and who inspire and encourage you. you can share your life and find new friends. plus its a stress reliever, for me especially. I met Sky through blogging and twitter. and my goodness, what a blessing she is. she is seriously one of my dearest and closest friends. we struggle with some of the same things and i've found out, again how nice it is to know that you are not alone. i believe thats why i blog; because its fun and to share my thoughts and life and meet people who share them! my goal: to inspire and encourage others. and hopefully encourage myself and see myself grow in Christ and as a person.

You don't have to feel like a wasted space
You're original, cannot be replaced

--a redefined Samarah

{all photos from my tumblr} 


  1. this was awesome. i love how you just laid it all out.
    samarah, i love your blog because of what you write about yourself and you write what you like, not because you have a fancy design or super cool giveaways. blog for you.

  2. p.s. i just found this free deign blog yesterday. they did a fabulous job on my friend's blog, and they don't charge a dime. maybe you wanna check them out? :)

    (And here is my friend's blog that they did...)

  3. this is tooooo awesome. really!! <33

  4. Amazing post. Truly inspirational. I really enjoy your blog and you beautiful girl! You really have some wonderful things to say!

  5. You're beautiful- inside and out! ♥♥♥ I just realized I haven't been on here in forever. It looks like I have some catching up to do!! Love you girl! :)

  6. Samarah, I love this post. You've inspired me to rethink who I am as a blogger, and even as a Christian. **hugs** You're brilliant, m'dear :)


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