Thursday, April 26, 2012

my life lately+tumblr thursday vol. 11

so far this morning has consisted of sleeping in till 8:30, music listening{currently listening to An Epic No Less} and eating cherry cordial ice cream and a bagel for breakfast. yes its quite nice. i've been real busy lately, tuesday and yesterday I had achievements tests which went much better than I thought but im glad they are over. ha ;) and that explains the lack of blogging, i've been busy and have been drained physcially and a bit mentally. and really, i'm busy the next week or so. don't you wish life would just stop for a bit? or get less busy? oh well... some of the busyness has been and is going to be awesomeawesomeawesome. like that time I went to that concert and met Anthem Lights. yeah, I like that busyness. (more on that later). OR that The Avengers is coming out NEXT THURSDAY(more on that later). and my friends and i are having a superhero movie marathon. yeah, I can do that too.
in other news...
i'm kinda liking my new tumblr layout a whole lotta lotta lot. see?
oh! and my lovely friend and i have started a Hunger Games tumblr blog! its pretty sweet if we do say so ourselves. check it out, plus it has a cool name.

happy thursday peoples! 


  1. love love these.. oh, and you dont like Peeta at alllllll do you?? ;)

  2. Oh my goodness. Okay, these pictures are lovely, I especially love the first one, your tumblr layout is gorgeous, and The Hunger Games tumblr? LOVE. I will most definitely be checking it out from now on. :)

    1. aw thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed them ;) thanks so much for checking out our HG tumblr!


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