Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm sososososo thankful for my friends. yes, YOU ALL. you know who you are. thank you for laughing with me(and at me ;) and sharing my burdens and praying for me. yesterday i was reading some old comments on here and i was reminded of how supportive the blogger community and peoples can be! you all are so encouraging and sweet. my friends have been such a blessing to me this week. they've reminded me of things that I already knew but i needed said to my face. i was also reminded of how nice it feels to talk to someone and have them know exactly what you are talking about and understand. and i've never even met them face to face. it baffles me that people i've never met  are willing to pray for me and walk with me. its so awesome. God is awesome. you all are legit. the end.

C.S. Lewis


  1. Oh I know, right?? I have met some of the most amazing people through Blogger and they have touched me and blessed me SO much!! Glad you have met some of those people too :)


  2. I just needed to stop by and give a big giant THANK YOU for getting me addicted to Robin Hood!!!! Oh my word. I can hardly stand it, it's so GOOD. I was hooked after the first episode! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
    ~Lauren :D

    1. aw! that makes me incredibly happy!! :D who is your favorite character so far?

    2. Oh, Robin, hands down! I positively, absolutely adore him! He's going on my list of favorite characters in general! I must ask, who is your favorite?? I just finished season 1, and am starting on season 2 ;D So good!

    3. oh yes, Robin is just awesome. THE END. Ah, mine is Allan A Dale. LOVELOVELOVE him. Him and Robin are my favorites :) Season 2 is THE BEST. you're making me want to watch it again!

    4. I'm a fan of Allan, but where I'm at right now, he's being sneaky!! I'm not a fan of that! But yes. Robin. Ah. And, you know, I really didn't like Guy at all in the first season...but now...suddenly...I think I may be developing a bit of a crush :o He suddenly seems so...handsome :o Rugged! :o I'm not being funny, but perhaps he really does have some good qualities after all? (Heehee, see what I did there?? ;))Hmm hmm!!

    5. oh yes, Allan is sneaky but he's really loyal at heart and I won't say anything else ;) I love Guy too! Hehe! He is amazing in season 2 ;D handsome and rugged are good words to describe him! he does have good qualities deep deep down. Yep, I caught right onto that! ;P
      What do you think of Marian? just wondering.

    6. Hmm. I kind of have mixed feelings about Marian...Sometimes I love her, other times I can't stand her! I'm the kind of girl who thinks along the lines of, "Just give in to Robin already!! He's trying to sweep you off your feet, rescue you from living under the sheriff!" and of course, she resists, though for good reasons...but it's my way that I'd be saying "Take me with you Robin!!" ;) She's so hesitant, even when they're "together"... it kind of frustrates me! But I suppose that's just the romantic in me :) I do like that she takes a stand against injustice and can hold her own; that's pretty rare, and awesome :D So, mixed feelings! Overall though...I like her more than dislike her :)

    7. I feel similarly! but she does have good reasons to do what she does. haha ;) Season 2 is her best season! I totally LOVED her. you don't know how hard it is to not spoil it ;) hehe!

  3. I'll admit....I haven't been the best blogger buddy lately. But I still think/pray about you often, and with school winding down, I'm going to try and bring back my habit of commenting like a crazy person on your blog <3

    love always {and forever},


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