Friday, March 9, 2012

tumblr thursday vol. 5 ( + an awesome gift)

i am currently typing this on my {new to me} MacBook from my dear great aunt. lemme just say, i didn't think i would get a laptop now, it would of taken me a lot more months to save up for one. I would of stuck to it and saved up but its nice to have it now ;) and its awesome to have my own computer!

on to my tumblr favorites. this week my tumblr has blown up with Avengers and Robin Hood posts. and lots of lovely pictures of faraway places including castles and mountains.

i wanna go there. 

good morning. 

just finished up season 2 of robin hood. I was not ready for Marian to die :/ 

i have to add the words to this photo. this is one of my favorite scenes EVER. 
Djaq: I have to be honest. And if I am being honest… I have to say… that I do not love all of you in the same way.
Much: It’s me, isn’t it? You love everyone, but you don’t love me. Brilliant.
Djaq: There is one… I do love. More than the others. The way a bird would… fly two thousand miles, through storms, just to be with the one he loves! That is the love I feel. And I am a fool! Because it is only now, when we are about to die… that I have the courage to admit it, even to myself. I’m sorry. I should have said earlier.
Much: Will! I knew it!
Djaq: You, Will Scarlett, are strong and true. And you fight for what you believe in. And that’s why I love you.
Will: And I love you. I love the way you say what you mean. I love your silly voice.
Djaq: Silly voice? That’s it. I take it back all of it. I hate you.
Will: And I love the way you fight like a man. Ferocious! And the way you will always, always be a woman.
Much: Kalimnah! Boring!
Djaq: Kalilah!
Much: Whatever.


Gisborne is an awesome evil dude. and his outfits in seasons 1 and 2 are epic. epic people.

lets go explore the castle. 

and there is no one like you God. 

they are the cutest of cute.

Allan A Dale. 
i about passed out when i saw this! ;) 

started Downton Abbey with mom a few nights ago. 


that movie is gonna be awesome.


i love this scene. 

what's not to love? 

and that's what happens when you get your own computer and then get really sick. lots of tumblr goodness ;)


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  1. ::sighs:: loved this post...tumblr/ refreshing!! :D

  2. awesome pictures!i love everything.

  3. I love my MacBook!! Congrats!!! (:

  4. can't focus on tumblr. YOU HAVE A MACBOOK AND I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU.
    yay. yay. :))
    -jocee <3

  5. I watched Captain America last night, and it was pretty awesome! :) Thooooough, *spoiler* the ending was absolutely terrible, they could have done a much better job! Well, unless you like bitter-sweet endings...*end spoiler*

    1. yes i love that movie! Well The Avengers pick up where it left off but yes it was a bittersweet ending! when he is going down in the plane and he's talking to Peggy..ahhh!

    2. Oooh...well now I just have to watch The Avengers :)

  6. #allofyourtumblrpostsalwaysleavemelaughing/smiling

    lol, this post was great! i loved the gifs.


  7. Ohmygosh!! You got a laptop?! So COOL! AND YOU STARTED DOWNTON ABBEY!!!!!!!!! Like my favorite show ever! And at least you have like the whole three seasons ahead of you... *sigh* Maggie and I watched all of them on her laptop so we have to wait a year before season four.... How are you watching them? Maggie and I watched the first two seasons on Netflix then we watched season three on the downton website. Do you like it so far? I was totally addicted.

  8. yep I did! Mom and I watched season 1 on Amazon Prime but we can't find season 2 anywhere!! We are crushed. i'm on a serious hunt for to find it though ;) Yes we really enjoy it! :)

  9. Wooooo a laptop, oh em gee and a Macbook laptop at that, holy shiz that's so awesome! :D


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