Saturday, March 10, 2012

i took a picture of fruit snacks and my science book.

i hope you all are having a great saturday! I'm not sure how i got up at 7:50am after just going to sleep around 2:15am. like getting upas in, as soon as my alarm went off i hopped up, i've never done that before. and my mom and i were up till 2am watching the first 2 episodes of season 2 of Downton Abbey. yes, i searched in the depths of the internet and found them. it was a happy yesterday. and they are so beautiful. i'm officially addicted.

 i'm looking back at pictures from this past spring and summer. i seriously took pictures of everything when we first got our camera. including my math and a pencil. and countless pictures of the sky! sweet goodness. I want to post more personal pictures on here(ones i've taken) and so i thought i'd share some  from this past year. ready? ;)

my sweetness. 


obviously i was not learning about the life cycle of whatever that is. 


taken by mom 

taken by mom 

really once the late fall/winter hit i stopped taking pictures. but now that's its getting nicer outside I'm feeling inspired!

there's your random photo post for today :)

happy day!


  1. Beautiful pictures!! My aunt's been after me for weeks now to watch Downton Abbey, I finally watched it, and I've got three episodes left on season 1 on Netflix...I've been holding off on watching them, because with each episode, it gets better and better, and I was worried I wouldn't be able to find season 2 anywhere!! Well, you've given me hope that it is indeed out there somewhere ;D
    ~Lauren :)

    1. thank you girl! yes, i about died when i couldn't find season 2 anywhere :3 and season 2 is reeeally good, mom and i are having trouble just watching 1-2 episodes at night ;)
      lemme know when you are done season 1 and if you want the link to where we are watching them! it would probably be easier to email it to you.


    2. (Ah, I'm such a rat, who needs to start checking to see when other bloggers reply to comments!!) When I finish, I think I'll take you up on that!! I haven't had much time to watch it these past few nights, but I'm just about done with season 1, and can't wait to start on season 2! It's simply wonderful!

  2. you take such amazing pictures! you should share more often, lol.


    p.s. link, please. pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease, i need more DA =D netflix only has the first season!

  3. aw thank you! I will share them more often :))
    yes i will give a link!

  4. I.LOVE.THIS.POST. =D I figured you'd get hooked. ;) Maggie and I stayed up till two one night watching it also. Great pictures! Keep up the good work!


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