Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{30 Days of Mind and Body} Challenge

hey all!

I'm linking up with Betsy at A Wanderers Soul  for 30 Days of Mind and Body.

This really came at the perfect time because I just started doing Yoga, its said to help headaches. I got a beginners DVD from the library and have done it twice and I'm really enjoying it! While I love running and high cardio workouts, this has its benefits too. it helps relieve stress and just helps me breathe. ;)  I'm also learning that pushing my body so hard like that with Jillian Michael's dvds might not be the best thing overall. Anywho, I'm looking forward to doing this challenge which will really be a challenge because I'm still real sick. I'm feeling pretty much miserable actually. my head aches so bad and my sinuses are a mess. but i know i can do an hour{the DVD practice is an hour and so my goal is to do the whole thing but if i simply cannot I'll just do half or something.} of yoga everyday starting today.


i encourage you to join me, if not yoga then another sort of workout or healthy commitment.

happy wednesday♥

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