Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where I am right now. (a.k.a. catching up]

hey all! So I have a few minutes and I decided to do a blog post. this one might be a bit long, I have lots to tell! so hold on to your hats ;)

(i wrote this first part about the allergies a few days and i'm not going to rewrite it so I'm sorry if its jumbled.)

Some new elements have been added to my already frustrating and interesting heath situation. a few weekends ago, I was really sick. i was having terrible stomach aches (and everything that comes along with that). almost like the stomach flu. (and my skin was very irritated which didn't mean much since I have eczema but then I realized it was also a symptom to the allergy.) yeah, it was no fun. And then on that following tuesday, I made a discovery. I am allergic to cashews.[I had these symptoms]. They are[well used to be] a great gluten free snack and I ate them a lot and never really had trouble. On that Saturday we had bought a huge thing of cashews and I had been eating them since then.  I'm not sure why I hadn't thought about being allergic to them, earlier but on tues. I ate a handful and not 20 mins after I was sick. and I knew it. obviously, I'm not eating cashews anymore. by Wednesday my stomach was a lot better and my skin hasn't itched since. I'm probably allergic to all nuts but I have tried any others yet. I'm not brave enough ;)
and then on that Thursday I had made some gluten free cookies that i had made lots of times before and really loved them. anyway, yesterday after I ate like 3 or 4 cookies I started having these symptoms [mostly the abdominal bloating]. And I made another connection--I'm allergic to butter. But its really strange because I had made those exact GF cookies before and didn't have a problem with them. i'm not sure what's up with that but anywho.

and then I've also learned that I'm allergic to pickles and some dairy products.
With these new allergy discoveries, I am glad and thankful that we found out what what causing some of my health issues. But it does add a whole new element and world to my already limited eating plan. God must think I'm strong enough to handle this so I'm doing my best to trust Him in all this!
a post is coming where I'll share what foods I'm eating and what meals I'm making :)

Onto working out-- on May 24th I started Jillian Michael's 30 Day shred for real.

[I had started it before but also dumped it after a few days into it] So I pushed myself and started it for keeps. i have done it every other day since then. And the results are amazing. I've definitely built up muscles [mostly in my legs and arms but I'm working on these abs! ;]. I feel strong and feel like I look better. I'm choosing not to step on that scale and going by clothes and how I feel/look. Muscle weighs more than fat and so it might not look like you're losing weight but you are. You are toning your body and working out isn't just about losing weight, its about feeling good. It can definitely boost your self confidence and that's something the scale can't show :)

I had my first soccer practice last night. Okay #1- putting on these smackers felt good :)

#2-I really need to run. my body isn't used to running and that is something I definitely need to do. The 30 Day Shred has definitely built muscle but now I need to get that muscle into action!

#3- I haven't touched the soccer ball since last season. [ not counting playing outside in the backyard a few times with the sibs.] big mistake. i'm really out of practice. so another goal--practicing dribbling, good sharp passes, control of the ball etc.

I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to keep doing the 30 Day Shred and soccer. I think doing either soccer or the 30 DS every night is too much for my body. I'm definitely sore from last night's practice. So I'm thinking about doing the 30 DS 3 day a week instead of every other day?

that's all for now about soccer, more later :)

Yesterday was my mom's birthday! I meant to do a post but didn't have time.

Happy Birthday to my amazing mom! I love you!♥ 

Oh and we are going a trip to see family [about 8 hours away] next week! from the 24th till Aug. 3. I am looking forward to it, different people, a change of scenery and a change from the every day routine :) 
I'm making tons of lists for the trip and one of those is goals I want to reach while I'm there. We usually go to there once a year and every time I go I end up eating junk food, not working out and come home regretting it. but this time I am NOT doing that. The junk food is definitely not an option with my allergies and the working out is going to happen! here are {some} of my goals--

  • take my soccer gear and touch the ball everyday. work on passing, dribbling, control, etc. 
  • walk/run every other day if not every day. I really need to do this. 
  • stick to my gluten(and other allergies) free eating deal. My mom and I are making lists of foods and meals I can take/make there so I have food I can definitely eat. As always, there's a stock of candy/sweets at Grandma's so it will take some strength and self control not eat it ;) 
  • Do the 30 DS at least 4 times. 
  • take tons of pictures and work on my photography 
  •  don't forget my time with God. a lot of the time when we're visiting family, God gets put on the back burner because I'm not focusing on Him.
  • enjoy my family! :) 
and its really hot here. It was 103 degrees yesterday. and its not going to be any better where we are going so that it will be drag in my whole getting outside and doing things. but i don't believe that I can't reach any of those goals up there! :) and I'll have Internet access there so I can keep you all up to date :)

What are some of YOUR goals for the next few weeks?! I'd love to hear them :] 

So mostly my life has been babysitting, school [oh yeah by the way, I haven't done many Algebra or history this week :/ ] , soccer, my whole health deal and everything in between. some days are good, most hard and only made through with God's grace and a whole lotta tea ;)
This post pretty much catches up on everything going on :) Hopefully I can ease back into blogging now :)

Alright, I need to go do somethings, like laundry, cleaning, pre-packing etc. fun, huh? ;)
If you made it through this post, you are awesome and so loyal ;)

much love,


  1. Oh my, deary! I'm sorry you've been having so many food troubles lately. I'll be praying for you, hun. It's so horribly hard to have to try and stay on a strict diet or face the consequences of them later. You inspire me much with all you've been doing, especially your workouts. *sigh* I seriously need to keep up with my workouts more=/ Hope this week is a good one for you, Samarah, dear! Love ya!

  2. I love jillian michaels! she is one tough mamma. I'd love to try one of her work outs!! I'm the same way too... I don't base my success off of what I see on the scale, but by how I personally feel and look. It's all about feeling your best and being happy!
    Lately i've been doing the Insanity videos and I've loved them!:)

    glad you are feeling better dear!!

    -kelsey :)

  3. awww, love you girl!!! I'll be praying about your health and allergies, and that God gives you strength!!!

    your soccer cleats are SUHWEET! Such a cool color. (:

    looooove always,

  4. I use to play soccer, I loved putting on my pink cleats and playing soccer. Now I stick to running :) 30 day shred is a nice whole body workout.

  5. Wow that is terrible! I'm so sorry about hose terrible allergies!I hope things start to look up around that area.You are so driven! Doing all that exercising...I'm pretty out of shape :( I need to build up some muscles.Some of my goals...for this year I would say work a lot on the book I'm writing, do well in school and pray and dive into God's word more.Pretty generic :)
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  6. I have the 30 day shred also. I love it :)


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