Thursday, March 17, 2011

i'm so much in need of pep music I'm listening to High School Musical {a.k.a I'm back}

I was working on this post yesterday but then I had to go and when I came back to it, I couldn't find the draft! I thought it was lost but I found it today :) so most of this is from yesterday...

hey all!! I think I'm ready to dive into the whole blogging thing again! :) and yes the post title is true. as I type I'm listening to Getcha Head in the Game. I was tired of Air1, Klove and all those songs and I needed something different. I don't care for the HSM movies but some of the songs are perfect for a im-tired-of-all-those-christian-songs-i've-listened-to-a-hundred-times-i-need-something-peppy-and-corny times ;) Not that I don't like Christian music but I need some variety :]

Ok well, lets catch up on what's been happening in my life :) hope I don't bore you with this part of the post!

My mom is in India. its the first time she's been out of the country or been on a plane longer than 2 hours but she's been able to email and few times and she is doing really well :) I'm so excited that God is using her to show His love and mercy to the people of India! She is so very dear to me so it was kinda hard "letting" her go but I have such a God given peace about it all. I can't wait to see pictures and hear all about her adventure :]

I've had some really fun times with some sweet friends over the past few weeks. I'm so blessed to have such fun and amazing friends. I've gotten to hang out with some of them, chatting, playing games, eating and watching movies(they have become my current favorites ;) I had heard of all these movies that a few years old that are so good and and I felt like i was in the dark for not knowing what they were talking about. So, my friend(s)  introduced me to these movie. We swooned, laughed and {almost} cried. ;]

heard so much about this movie and i really liked it. great mix of romance, comedy and adventure :]

hehe, now I know where this quote came from ;)

I'd seen this before but i watched it anyway. we laughed a lot during this one :)

we haven't finished this one yet but I'm really liking it so far!
I've been doing Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred every other day and trying my best to eat gluten free.

its not easy people! mannn....I've really wanted to skip a day or eat ____ that's not gluten free but when I have I've suffered :/ So, I'm taking a hint and pushing myself to work every other day despite my tiredness or laziness and its paying off! I'm seeing results from working out and I'm loving it ;] I just started Level 2 of the 30DS and lemme say, you don't know what true working out is and the feeling like your body is on fire until you've done Jillian Michael's! I'm serious, I felt like I was gonna die. And I even stopped lots of times and took breaks for a a min or 2, and a few times I just skipped the exercise. And I still felt like i was dying. Jillian even said close to  the end of the workout "I want you to feel like you are going to die." yep, I've got that down. But its so worth it. I feel energized and happy when I'm done. Even more so when I stick to eating gluten free which is difficult but I know its the best thing for me. Gluten is not worth being sick in the bathroom for an hour and having a horrible headache! :) I've also had some of my dear friends keep me accountable for doing it. That has really motivated me, knowing that they are praying for me and are gonna ask if I've done it! ;) If you are having trouble staying consistent with your exercising/eating healthy/ bible reading etc. ask your friends for prayer and accountability! :)

I know I keep saying my blog design is coming soon and its not coming :/ Sky and I are working on it :) You guys have been so patient! It should be here by the end of the month! around when spring should be here!! :) I'm so ready for warm weather! oh and along with the new look I'm gonna do a "series" of posts about who I am and what I believe. I've gotten lots of new followers so I thought it would be nice to go over that again :)

Hmm.. I think that's about it. I have lots of ideas for posts and I'm gonna start working on them :] I'm off to workout!

Hope you are having a great week!!

much love,


  1. Ah, I SO understand your music dilemma; I've almost been anti-music lately because I'm so tired of hearing the same stuff over and over!
    Ah, The Princess Bride is one of my absolute favorites!!!
    I'm excited to hear your new posts! Yay for you diving back into the blogging world ;D

    ~Lauren :)

  2. I love the movie princess bride and I own Jillian Micheal's 30day shed too. love it. great quick workout :)

  3. I'm glad you are doing great with staying motivated to keep up with your new albeit difficult lifestyle. :)

    Omigosh! I love National Treasure: Book of Secrets! I have a huge crush on Justin Bartha thanks to it. ;)

  4. So happy to hear you are staying motivated, m'dear! WOW, did NOT realize she was going to India!! That is so awesome. ♥ Love you so much, girl. Keep up the good work! ♥ xo.

    Pea. Ess.
    National Treasure Book Of Secrets FOR THE WIN! haha! ;]

  5. Thanks for the update! :D Its good to know your moms doing well:)

  6. Welcome back, girlie!!!!! We sure missed you *hugs*

    Wow, it's so cool that your Mom is in India! I'll be sure to include her in my prayers. (:
    Ha, Princess Bride rocks!!! I'm so glad you finally got to see it. ;)

    Love ya always,

  7. ps--we're all so proud of you sticking with these workouts!!! God's proud too. (:

  8. Haha, I love the Princess Bride! I've made like three posts about it on my blog....

    Just so y'all know too, a friend of mine committed suicide today, please pray for her family.

    God Bless,

  9.'re so sweet. i love our chatting and hanging out. we need to do it more often, because we don't live far at all, and especially now that i can drive, i can just come on over. lol :) i had an awesome time yesterday.
    love you!!

  10. Hey soul-sis----I promoted you on my blog!!!!

    love ya,


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