Sunday, February 27, 2011

forever 21, eyes, sick and birthday :)

Ah I just got back from an fabulous afternoon with my lovely and amazing friend! She took me out to lunch for my birthday and then we walked around and shopped :) ok, I'd been hearing so much about Forever 21 (great things!) and I'd never been there but I was curious to see why it was popular. well... I found out today! And now I know why everyone loves it. it has super cute and stylish stuff for really reasonable prices! :) 

I got this lovely necklace!  

My friend and I both got the same cardigan :] its long and has pockets, its so cute! I'll post a picture of it later :) I'm need of spring/summer clothes so I'm always excited when I find clothes that are reasonably priced, I like and that look good on me ;] I had such a great time with my friend! love her♥

Onto the 28 day challenge which is ending tomorrow! I think its kinda cool because its also my bday ;) I have had lots of fun with this :) 

Day 27: A physical feature you love-

A lot of people are picking the same feature but its such a good one! so I couldn't resist ;) 


   its usually the first thing that I recognize about a person

they convey a lot about what a person is feeling  


they are all kinds of beautiful colors. I'm partial to blue :]

really partial ;)

The creator of eyes had to be someone so great and powerful. No man could ever create something so beautiful and lovely. Only God :) 

but I do have some sad news... my whole family is sick. We've been healthy all winter and then yesterday we got sore throats and today all 5 of us have headaches, sore throats and stopped up sinuses :( Needless to say its gonna be an interesting week... praying we all get better soon! 

Can tomorrow really be my birthday?? seriously, time is just flying by! Wow, well be looking for a post tomorrow answering these question; Day 28: Hopes, Dreams and plans you have for the next 365 days which is a great question for a birthday :) 
oh and real quick I want to explain my birthday just a bit, its a lil' confusing! 
  • I was born on February 29 
  • the 29th comes once every 4 years 
  • so I celebrate on the 28th and March 1st 
  • fun fact: my "real" birthday lands in the year of the Election AND the summer Olympics :] 
  • I'm not saying my age but I'm between 14-18 ;)  
  • I love being a leap year baby :] its so fun and unique! 
till tomorrow! :)

much love,


  1. AHHH! It's Sully!! *lovelovelove*

  2. Oh my goodness, my mom and I were *just* saying earlier today how funny it would be to have a birthday on February 29th! That's so neat. Happy Birthday, Samarah!!! :)


  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day! :)

  4. happy Birthday!!! hope it's like the *best* ever!! I'd have to agree with you on the eyes too. i always look at peoples eyes and i've even been told that i have pretty eyes :D I love brown eyes though <3
    love you!

  5. Did you know that forever 21 has john 3:16 on the bottom of their bags? Cool huh?

  6. Wow!That must be weird for you.
    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gorgeous necklaces!can't wait to see the cardigan.Sierra

  7. Yaaaay another awesome person got to go to that awesome store! I love it!! ;D Happy birthday, girl! ♥ xo.

  8. Happy Birthday Samarah!!! I hope it was the most exciting one yet! :D

  9. Wow, that is so cool you have a leap year birthday! :D Happy birthday, Samarah!!!!!

  10. I just looooovvvve forever 21 so cool and HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much Love

  11. I had an awesome time too. :) And yeahh I saw a comment above mine, and I forgot...Forever 21 does have John 3:16 on their bags! Isn't that neat? I forgot about that....we should look on our bags...
    I loved going shopping with you. :) Have you worn your cardigan yet? I was going to wear it the other day but I didn't because I had to go do barn chores for my instructor or something and for that I always just wear a tshirt. :)
    love ya!


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