Saturday, February 26, 2011

♥A childhood memory and one of the best 2 weeks of my life♥

Day 26: A childhood memory-

hmm....I'll have to use my brain for this one. a lot and it hurts ;) heehee ;] Ok, I have one. SarahLynn and I have been friends since like we were 1 and we used to live in the same state. I remember Sarahlynn, her older brother and I playing together all the time. We got along really well (most of the time) and I just remembering having SO much fun. Laughing, yelling, running, screaming, talking, crying and all those other things that little kids do ;) Now, they live in another state but we have remained close and when we get together now, as teenagers we still have a BLAST together. We have another friend who is our age and we've known him and his family since we were little also, and put us together and you have an crazy bunch of kids! :) We went camping once and THAT is a awesome time I will never forget! When ever I remember us spending time together, I think of tons of laughter and craziness! ahh good times :) 

ok, onto a post that I wrote a while ago but never published. *drum roll please* ....

The incredibly awesome 2 weeks I spent with Sarahlynn!!

Sarahlynn  came for a visit back in the beginning of December. Our two families are close and are more like family then friends :) {we call each others parents "aunt" and "uncle" :) }She fits right into our family and is like a sister to me and my siblings and a daughter to my mom and dad :) Sarahlynn lives in a different state now but we keep in touch and remain close friends. but we have seen each other at least once a year for the past few years and I was SOOO stoked when she was able to come for 2 weeks! She was willing to come my way because of my health and I wouldn't want to be far away from home and feeling bad or something. that girl is a keeper! ;)  When ever we are together there is TONS of laughing and fun. needless to say, we had an absolute BLAST! We did do some school but it was so much fun doing it with a friend ;) 

Some highlights of the 2 weeks: 

- went shopping and bought some scarfs and took some craaaazzzyyy pictures! 
- went to see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader the day it came out! and we LOVED it!! 
- my family got wireless! a long awaited treat! :D Sarahlynn had lots of fun with our itouchs ;] 
- and much more! 

here's some pictures and I'll tell you more about what we did :)  (we took a lot more pictures but they show our faces so we can't post them but we did take some specifally for you all ;) i know i know we are too nice ;]

 we watched the BBC version of Emma!! it was Sarahlynn's first time watching it and she loved it! we watched it like 3 more times ;) 

its a tradition to play UNO when we are together....

taking pictures of my ipod... 


we took the mattresses off of my sister's and I's bed and put them on the floor. we had tons of pillows and blankets! :)  

Sarahlynn took this random picture of her laptop, my sunglasses, a nancy drew book, a goodie bag and her retainer case. yeah we were a bit bored that day ;P


ate some good candy that really wasn't for us... oops

watching Emma AGAIN! yes we took pictures of our fingers in front of the screen. cuz that's how we roll. 

ok here comes my favorite pictures... we got these scarfs and got a little creative ;)
{im the one taking the pictures btw} 

this was Sarahlynn's doing....

LOVE this one!! :D

some fun edits...

me :)

Sarahlynn :) yes in walmart and yes pretending to be batman :) 

sorry these were the only pictures that didn't have our faces in them :/ anyway, we went to see VDT with some of my friends, their dads and my dad on the last night she was here :) we really like it! :)

i love this dude... seriously minators are AWESOME! 

it was a great way to end the fabulous 2 weeks :]

I'm so thankful for Sarahlynn. for her friendship, love, and encouragement :) I had a wonderful time with her! even though we live far away from each other, we stay close friends. Thank you Sarahlynn for being willing to come visit, I had a awesome time with you! love you girl, so much! ♥

hope you enjoyed looking at our crazy pictures! :)

with love,


  1. (:
    It's so good to have friends you can just goof off with!!!! Looks like you are two peas in a pod {lol}.


  2. Looks like y'all know how to have fun! haha! Seriously, though. =D xo.

  3. Wow!You guys sure had a lot of fun!
    Gotta love Emma.And watching it over and over :) Sierra

  4. Looks like fun. I love the movie Emma too :)

  5. hahahaha! awww that was such a sweet post! we did have sooo much fun! I'm so glad i went to your house! it was so nice of you to make a post about me! :D <3 you are such a great friend! and i'm so glad we have still kept out friendship close, even though we're miles apart!
    love you girl!

  6. hahahaha y'all are so cool :)


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